Doesn't anyone paint?

terracottaNovember 9, 2002

Or are you all too busy painting? Hope to see this forum pick up like the crafts and decorations one. I paint on wood, tin, and completed my first canvas. Hope to do many more. Oh, and for a while, my specialty was terracotta pots, hence the name.

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I paint! Mostly wood things. Seems like most of the painters are posting at C&D do ya think they forgot? LOL I check here every so often to see if there is anything new.

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I only paint a little because I'm not too creative. I tried Krylon crackle paint with no luck. But, last week I used a Rustoleum paint kit to paint a picture frame and a welcome sign and they turned out great! Now maybe I'll have the incentive to try something else!

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I do ...well rather did until I put it on hold for the past few years. I expect to get back into the flow next year after the holiday excitement slows. I don't post much right now but I do try to read the posts occasionally. And I definitely need to make this forum a priority!

I paint just about anything that doesn't move too fast! Canvases, flower pots, watercolors, Santa Clauses and Father Christmases are my fav in tole painting. On canvases I paint land/sea scapes and portraits. I enjoy crafting also, and have been doing that to get my "creativity" back in gear.

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Even though I cannot draw a straight line, I still have a very strong urge to learn to oil paint landscapes and trees! Are there any forums on this subject? Where does one find the courage to begin - and how? Suggestions and ideas gratefully accepted. TIA

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Greenjeans you are in luck!! Haven't you heard the phrase "There are no straight lines in nature." -lol. There are all sorts of books out there on might check with your library first to see if any interest you. Do you paint in any other medium? The Bob Ross and William Alexander techniques of painting wet into wet were exciting to me, because I didn't have to wait for the paint to dry before proceeding. Check with your local PBS station/s to see if they carry any of their shows.

There are starter kits available of oils.

Just GO FOR IT! Have fun!! And if I can help let me know!

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Hey Everybody! I do canvas oil painting. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you are just beginning, instead of buying the stretch canvas, buy the canvas boards. They are cheaper and really, in a frame, they look just as good.
I will be willing to help or give any advice that anyone needs.
I have also been looking for a good art forum on the net. Maybe we can make it here. :)
Looking forward to getting to know all of you better.

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HI, so glad to find some more painters on canvas. I started painting with oils before I got into tole painting. I love to paint landscapes but my real ambition is portraits. I had been taking night classes through the local college with my mom who was 93. She passed away and I moved away and haven't gotten back to them, I would love to join a forum for oil painting. I too will help any one I can,I haven't painted for several years, but have canvas and paints, easel, brushes, lets start. LOL.

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I paint I paint!! :) I do terra cotta pots now, and some wood crafts, bird houses, etc. I love painting! I just paid my membership for this site and would LOVE to see this forum take off better...I was suprised at the dates, no current topics. :( So, let's go, let's talk paint! What are you working on? How long have you been painting, first project, anything.

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