What is everyone painting for Christmas?

GramaNovember 18, 2003

Hi, I am painting glass ornaments this year, ceramic ornaments and wood door hangers for all my nieces, nephews, and different relatives. I do my painting with acrylics.

When my children came last week for the Thanksgiving meal, I gave them a 9x12 waxed pencil snowman scene. They enjoyed it. I really enjoyed giving it.

I sell real estate and sit on boards, belong to Rotary, Business and Professional Women among other things. Sometimes, I feel I am meeting to death. But, I sure do love to paint, listen to gentle music and live in my own little world.

Let's hear if from others.

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I am patiently plugging along on my floorcloth. Have the priming, sanding, and ground coats laid on, have polyurethaned the underside, and am now working on the chequers. But have yet to get busy cutting the stencils for the Greek Key design that will go around the border. I think, with some diligence I will have it ready by Christmastime. I hope!

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I can not imagine doing something like that. I have acquired a lot of wallpaper samples, paint chips and rug samples 2 months ago for my living room, dining room and hall and still have not made a decision. I will soon. So can you imagine me trying to do a floorcloth? Not in this lifetime! I must stay with things I'm sure I can accomplish. Besides my husband and I would probably have words re: the time, mess etc.
When you finish it, post a photo so we all can see it. How long has it taken to do?

I like this forum, I hope more get involved, don't you?
I would try to post some of my works/photos, but I don't know how to do the photo thing. Surely I'm not that stupid. Does make one wonder though.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Floorcloths are pretty simple, actually! But they DO require some "real estate". I've been using left over wall paint and it's oil base, so the drying time is what makes the project roll on for a long time. I have been trying to take pictures as I've gone a long with the project, but I managed to hit some button on my camera and now I can't get the photos to transfer to the computer and haven't had time to really fuss around and figure out the "glitch". I know the shots are still there (I can preview them), though!

I'm really interested in doing more stencilling... I have one of those stencil burners you use to cut stencils on mylar (I think) and I'm interested in giving that a whirl. Right now, though, I'm keeping my head down and trying to plow through the multiple coats of paint required to bring the design to life.

I know just what you mean about getting away from your workaday world and losing yourself in a fun project... good for the soul, huh?

Happy Holiday to you, too.

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I finished it, but not by the Christmas deadline (bad weather prevented that :( ). We installed it shortly thereafter and the pictures on in the Home Improvements album. You'll have to scroll down to see them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas floorcloth

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I like the detail you put in your floorcloths. Very nice!

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Didn't you do a beautiful job. Such talent. I just started painting almost a year ago and I get the frights just wanting to do something of great size.
Right now I am painting a firescreen. I had the frame work made for me with the main screen interchangable, so I could take the insert out and replace it for different times of the year.
I am on vacation and brought the insert with me to do. Well, I got started and if feels better now. I don't believe I could do a whole floor.. Congratulations!
Looks great!Grama

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Thanks for the replies; I love seeing what everyone else is working on, too.

I think doing bigger projects is more about planning and patience than technique. Nothing in a floorcloth is difficult, it's just that you have to really PLAN it because working on it requires a certain amount of room, it's not something you may simply pick up and put down as the spirit moves you.

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