Finding the right stain color

ellendiMay 15, 2013

A friend is having her cabinets made custom. They are cherry wood and she wants the classic cherry stain. She showed the carpenter a picture of a cabinet with the stain she wants. He keeps coming back with colors nothing like what she is asking. She does not want to settle.
We are perplexed as to why this is so difficult. She even found a local showroom with the color but he won't go to look.
What else can she go to get him to come up with the right color stain?

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Maybe she should go buy the stain, take it to him and say "use this, thanks"

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Where would you suggest? I find it odd that this cabinet maker has never stained cherry cabinets a classic cherry color. Even when my friend shows him pictures, he still comes up with colors that are off.
She is beside herself. The cabinets are already made and just waiting to be stained.

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I don't know exactly what you mean by "classic cherry" unless you're thinking of the too dark red look that sorta mimics mahogany. Real cherry is a light reddish brown, and changes color over time to be a slightly deeper reddish brown. That's "classic cherry" to me.

If your friend wants her cherry dyed red, just remember that it changes over time and in a year's time, it won't be the same color as achieved by the stain right now. It will be richer and redder on it's own. Perhaps the colors that the cabinet maker is giving her now will become the color she wants when the wood changes.

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I want the red "cherry" color stain too for a non kitchen area and its very hard to get the right tone. Your friend should go to a store and look at stain colors in the mahogany family.

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