Substrate for bathroom mirror surround

wishdishMarch 9, 2012

Hi all. I want to mosaic around my big wall mirror in my bathroom. It's one of those lovely HUGE mirrors that is glued to the wall. I want to make a frame where it is on top of the mirror, not butted up against it. I'll route out for the mirror clips and put some molding on the edge to span the gap between the frame and the wall (thereby covering the edge of the substrate as well as the actual mirror). At first I thought MDF would be good (love mosaicing on that stuff), but have been reading that in a moisture environment, it's not a good idea. So, I'm wondering - can I use plywood? I'd like to make them on a flat surface, then put them up and grout in place (or I might pregrout, then put up and grout those areas than join together). So, what do y'all think about plywood? They would be about 6" wide

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Klinger has done that. I will see if she can suggest the substrate she used.

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So I checked the forum and found the thread that Klinger posted about her mirror project.

Here is a link that might be useful: Klingers Mirror Project

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thanks calamity. i had seen this mirror. it's so gorgeous, but klinger just says she used "thin backerboard". not sure what she used. also am wondering how it has held up since then.

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Hi , I used that technique for two kitchen back splashes and two bathroom ones, it's held up just fine. It hasn't been submerged in water but of course there's been the odd splash. I did seal it though with a grout sealant.I don't know the proper term for what I used, but it was just a thin piece of wood. If you were worried about water then use a piece of wedi or cement board like they'd use in a shower/ tub application.

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Hi Klinger! Love your mirror! I'm happy to hear that you used boards, as I want to too. I'm thinking plywood, not too thick. Thanks for the help, ladies!!

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