Shabby Chic Rocker painting

oceannaNovember 23, 2007

I posted a pic on the Trash to Treasure board of a rocking chair I painted. I didn't know where to put that thread, but maybe I should have put it here. But the rocker was definitely trashy when I found it. I think I only paid $5-10 for it. I can't remember because I bought it and let it sit for some time before I painted it.

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Oceanna, If your rocker had painted designs on it, by all means it should be posted over here too. If you post your pics on the gallery, they will probably stay on the forum longer.

I like to visit Trash 2 Treasure also, but don't always get there as often as I come here.


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Thanks... it's sometimes confusing to know where to post something.

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That's true, but several of us post in multiple forums. Like some things are T2T and Painting. Or like my Christmas signs fit Painting and Holidays and maybe even Crafts or GJ. They can fit many categories, and not all members go to all the forums so they might miss it if posted only one place. ;o) No real right or wrong, just where you'd like to show it. Luvs

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