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alisandeNovember 15, 2007

I read that a water-based varnish should be used to finish decorative painting on wood. I went to Home Depot and asked about such a product, and they sold me Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish (water cleanup). Is this a good choice, or is there something made just for decorative painting?



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Alisande, there are many brands of water base varnish. I would imagine most of them work pretty much the same.

If you look in the painting books, each artist will have their preferred varnish listed--and most are different! LOL

I have J.W.s Right-Step water base clear varnish that can be applied with a brush and it works good. I also have another one called Country Colors that I haven't used in a long time.

However, I most often just use the Krylon 1311 matte or the Krylon gloss spray sealer on my projects. I've even used other brands of spray on gloss varnish if I couldn't find the Krylon.

Hopefully, Painting Fool will see this and chime in with what she uses. She has taken recent classes and is probably more up to date with what is popular to use now.


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Well, let's see. I have used the Minwax Polyacrylic and JW's varnish. For me there is nothing that compares to JW Varnish. It doesn't bubble and won't yellow. The Krylon 1311 has long been a favorite of decorative painters, but they changed the formula several years ago and it tends to yellow your painted piece.

The minwax has worked fine so far so I don't think you will have any problem. Everyone has certain preferences, I use what I have on hand but I do prefer the JW varnish - and from the many classes I have taken, it seems to be a favorite of a lot of the "Big Brushes" (nationally known teachers).

Hope this helps.

Luvs - are you working on anything in particular right now? I have 20 small tin angels to paint for my Christmas party - but I will probably wait until after Thanksgiving. I am trying to get the house together and pull out my different pieces of china for the party. No theme but plan to have different sets of china at each table. Later

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Hi PF, thanks for your input on the varnish. I wasn't aware that the 1311 formula had been changed, that's good info.

I just finished a Victorian Caroler sign. It's on the gallery, and I'm working on another Christmas sign. Also, planning to do a couple of ornaments or something with cats on them for a friend. Haven't gotten them started yet, but did find some possible patterns.

Wow! 20 angels sounds like allot to me, but then I know you are not only a good painter, but a fast one as well. ;o)

I think using different china patterns on the different tables is much more interesting. Are you doing all the food yourself or having it catered? I know you said you do this every year. Hope you'll have some pics to share with us either here or on Holidays.


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Hi Luvs, I am keeping the angels simple, will post pics later. My husband is a terrific cook/chef. He has been cooking for more than 40 years but he prefers to be called a cook because he loves simpler foods. So, we plan to have roast pork tenderloin that has been marinated in rosemary and garlic and marinated vegetables. I will also bake buttermilk pie and bread pudding with a whiskey sauce. Everyone will bring a covered dish so we will have a big variety. It is a lot of work but we always have so much fun. I saw your Christmas sign in the other forum. As always, you do a terrific job.

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