jlilyNovember 29, 2006

A few pictures of murals. I will start these tonight. Enjoy.

first is a little girls' room. Jlily

A little boys' room

over doors

One more

That's all for tonight!!Jlily

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Wow! What kid wouldn't want rooms like those? Love the picket fence with the arbor and the tree--looks so girly girl. And that western town--lots of detail work in there. Love the way you did the ropes and horseshoes over the windows. Great job, Jlily. Luvs

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So are these ones that you have actually done or pictures of what you are going to do? Either way they are fantastic. I'd be jealous of the kids who get those painted on their walls. My kids have to make do with Spiderman posters and fairy stickers. ha ~Anj

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OHMYGOODNESS!!! Can I come live at your house? LOVE THEM. You did a FABULOUS job.

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Thank you so much ladies. I love doing them-but they are work, too. Trying to make it appear the way someone else wants it to look. Anj both of these were done about 5 years ago-in someone else's home. The little girl was taking ballet lessons-the reason for the ballet slippers on the fence. I have more when I get time to look up the pictures. I have a book I keep to show prospective customers--or used to. Retired from work, now. I did go and repair after one lady had her living room painted.Thank you all for your kind words. Jlily

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Oh boy, All the murals are awesome. Think I remember you posting one or two on GJ or TT a loooooong time ago. I was in awe then and seeing them again is a treat for the eyes!

Thanks for sharing them with us!!

A question for you....Have you ever been comissioned to do a store window?

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Gram thank you so much. As a matter of fact I have painted for several different businesses-BUT not a window, I have painted a wall and a hallway floor. I'll post them later, Jlily

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