Anyone have a Banquette? PICS. Please

bobomamaOctober 5, 2006


I am getting ready to move from my 1200 sq. ft. house to my ultra spacious, dream home that is... (drum roll please...) 1300 sq. ft.

My husband keeps asking me what in the world will I do with all that extra space ;)

Here is my dilema.....I would like to put a banquette table in the little room off the kitchen (it will be a multi purpose room: homework, arts & crafts, eat quick meals, nintendo for the kids, etc...).

The room is approx. 13'x 6' (narrow rectangle)

I have never had one of these, never seen one for sale in a store, but I did see one at my realtors house (it was built by the previous owner).

Do any of you have this type of seating?

Did any of you build it yourself?

If you could include a picture, I would be so grateful.

Thank you so much in advance

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check out the 2nd pic in my album (not my home!) for my inspiration pic. And also check out my first pic which is where I'm thinking of putting one under both windows. I was thinking of using the same cabinets that I'm using in my kitchen to make a bench with drawers. Then I would buy pre-made cushions. Mine would be quite long and I'm hoping to get a 8+ foot table at some point. Do you have pics of your area?

Here is a link that might be useful: banquette pic

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Mine isn't technically a banquette but more a window seat. We built it with 2 lids on top that lift so we can use the underneath for storage of bulk items. Our kitchen nook before the window seat was very cramped, this utilizes the space much better. In the room you describe I would think it would really work.

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I absolutely love what you have done. Do you have pics of other rooms in your home? I lean toward dark colors and this dining area is wonderful. It amazes me how small areas can become so welcoming.....something I'm really working on in all aspects of my small home. It occurred to me this week that minimalist doesn't always work with small rooms. As with your pic, the large chairs actually bring the setting together.

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