Bought a Painting book today

luvstocraftNovember 21, 2006

Stopped at Michael's today since I was close by at another store exchanging a BD gift for DH. Michael's has a lousy asst. of painting books--seem to be less and less each time I go in--and they seldom seem to have newer ones. Obviously, their buyer is NOT into painting! However, as I was browsing, I found a Renee Mullins book that I had seen before but didn't buy. It just happened to have a really cute Bear welcome sign in it--and I needed a pattern like that!

The reason I needed it is that last week on Trash day--my neighbor had put out a metal tub that had one side dented in. Now she sat it on top of the recycle can where I could not miss it. Probably wondered if I might want it--but hesitated to ask since it was damaged. She is really good about giving me trash to treasure items.

Of course I nabbed it, took it to ther shed and gently hammered out most of the dent. (Wish I would have taken a pic for you guys!) I'll get one of it before I start painting it.

Now my first thought was to paint it ivory and put some pink or blue stripes and some one stroke roses on it (I've seen one done like that somewhere.) Then I thought "Wait a minute! Wouldn't it be fun to paint it up and give it back to her?" Sort of like Junk Brothers on tv.

On her front porch, she has this big carved wood bear--the pic in the new book is similar to that bear! Won't that be cute on the tin planter? And I had a 40% off coupon, so why not? I might have other patterns that are sort of woodsy--but this bear is just perfect. (See how I justify spending money on more books?) Ha ha

Sorry this is so long, but wanted to share my painting "adventure' with you. I'll go take a pic of the tub, then when I finish it, I'll have a before and after for you.

Thanks for "listening". Luvs

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sounds like a cool idea to me! she sounds like a "beary" nice neighbor, and she is "beary" lucky to have you as a neighbor too!! what book was it? i also found that our michael's carries a poor selection, but, i still insist on looking! lol
you are just a pet, luvs! wish you were my neighbor! :-)

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Payd~ You're so 'beary' silly. :D

Luvs~ I think you did some good nabbing and it will look great painted with the bear. Won't she be surprised?? I was just looking at that same book the other day. ha You are right, Michaels has really no stock at all of books. Our Roberts and Macs craft stores used to have tons, but Macs closed and Roberts barely has any now either. We may be able to get better deals and more selection ordering them online now?

Can't wait to see the before and after finished project. I'm so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow and not just for the food. I will be able to get started on some projects myself!! Ya'll have been putting up such cute stuff while I've been stuck painting my kitchen. I'm chomping at the bits to do some fun painting. I know you can't tell by the number of times I've mentioned it this week. ha Better get back to it so I can be finished. ~Anj

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Payd, I wish you were my neighbor too! Ha ha Wouldn't we have fun? Two yards full of garden junk and painted birdhouses! ;o)

You an Anj are "beary" funny --love your sense of humor! Makes me LOL.

To answer your question, the book is Plum Purdy, Frosty Friends by Renee Mullins. It's not new, been out for a few years. I also have one of her other books--just hadn't needed this one until now.

I am really excited to do this project. Love to surprise people. Hope she doesn't tell me she threw that tub out because she has no place for it anymore! That would be a surprise for me! LOL

Anj, hope you do get some painting time in tomorrow. I would think you would be too tired from all the prep, cleanup, and from feeling so full. Have you already got your project all picked out? Hope it works out so you can get started--it is so satisfying to create things.


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Good for you luvs,our Michaels doesn't have any good selections in the painting dept.We really don't have any good craft stores anymore.We used to have Ben Franklin,then they changed over to Value CRAFT AND KEPT PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS bf HAD,THEN 2 YEARS AGO,THEY UP AND CLOSED.

Sorry for the caps,guess i hit the caps lock by mistake and too lazy to go back and change it.

I'm still dealing with that pinched nerve in my neck,but now it's settled down into my forearm and hand.What a pain in the butt(hand) it is.My hand keeps going to sleep.I have to have it totally supported while doing anything.

I have a bunch of sewing to do,so i have to do it in stages or od on aleve.LOL
I have orders for a few purses and wallets so i have got to get to them.I don't have to cook tomorrow,so i'll probably do some sewing in the morning.We're going to our DS's for dinner and the only thing i have to make is the baked macaroni and cheese,but i'll prep it today,then just bake it tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great thansgiving and don't eat too much.

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Hey, Kathi, good to hear from you again. So sorry about your hand--boy that is hard for anyone, but especially for someone who quilts and crochets allot like you do.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the Aleve--use it some days for my lower back--keep thinking I wouldn't need it if I'd just get some weight off!

I remember Ben Franklin. Really liked that store, prices were always lower than some of the other craft stores. Ours didn't change to anything--just closed. When I visit my sisters, I always go to their Hobby Lobby--wish we had one out here. All we have is Michael's and Joann's.

All of our little painting stores have closed down too. Perhaps the popularity of painting will pick up again someday--but everyone says the imports that sell so cheap have ruined all that. Guess it will mostly be just those of us who do it for enjoyment and gifts.

I know we can order from places like Plaid, Decorart, Artists Club and Ebay, but then have to pay for shipping. I liked going to the shops and craft stores for the atmosphere and to see all the samples they had on display. Over the Internet is just not the same.

Oh, well, I probably have more patterns now than I can complete in my lifetime anyway! Ha ha


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