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paintingfoolNovember 26, 2008

Although I paint my Santas and Snowmen, the cheeks on the snowmen are not painted. I used red pastel paint and scrubbed in a circular motion. I know some of our ladies took a red pencil - probably Prismacolor, scrubbed it on fine sandpaper and then used a brush to pick up some of the pigment and applied in a circular motion for the cheeks. I find it too difficult to get a good cheek on a snowman with regular paint. This is quick and easy.


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Cheeks are always hard to get just right. I don't know what you mean by red PASTEL paint. I've used chalk on a dry brush and my makeup blusher on a q tip, but seem to get my best results just by dry brushing with a little acrylic paint. Your's just always look exactly right PF. Luvs

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luthien great tip :) thanks!

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Yea B...what's pastel paint? I've been getting better results from my watercolor pencil than I was with any liquid paint before, but I'm open for learning a better technique. ha I have used the pastel chalks before with good effect too, but I have misplaced my little box of them. Reminds me I need to find them. I put them up where I could find them, but the children couldn't in one of my cleaning sprees, but it seems I hid them a little too good. ha Hate it when I do that. Look forward to learning more about your method. Your cheeks always look perfect to me. =) ~Anj

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Thanks B, but I'm with the rest. What is pastel paint? I wet my cheek with water, then dip my brush in gooseberry paint, wipe on paper towel to remove most of the paint and then do a circular motion where I want it. Mine don't always turn out exactly the way I want but that's how I've always painted cheeks. Now you need to tell us the rest of the story so it may be easier, please. Quick and easy is what I like best. LOL

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