Green frogs and lillies

paintingfoolNovember 16, 2009

Here is my frog tray. Now, I am not a frog painter, this may be one of my first. But I did enjoy painting it. What do you think about the Mackenzie Childs type of striping and checkerboard? I won't be keeping this one - I may give it to my daughter or daughter in law - they hate frogs especially the ones like this. I had already varnished so the flash reflected back, sorry.


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I think it is very cute!

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You did a beautiful job painting them PF, and I really like the patterns on the outside. By painting them on a tray, you can hang it, display it on an easel, or actually use it on a table--good choice for a surface. Luvs

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PF, Your tray turned out nice. You don't seem thrilled with the outcome or is it your not into frogs? My DD and MIL both collect frogs so it appeals to me. TFS Punk

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That is adorable! You did a great job and you should be proud of the talent the Lord gave you. Vique.

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Wow that's a gorgeous tray Bebe. My SIL would LOVE it. She's a frog collector. Green is her favorite color! ha They look so darling, like they are just playing around having a good time. We used to play with the little green frogs like that back home when we were little. =) ~Anj

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I love the frogs, what a great job of paintin ") I am kinda partial to black backgrounds, with the right colors stuff really seems to pop on black ")
Do you paint in oils or acrylics ?

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