ok....i goofed! big time

pezabelleNovember 5, 2011

I thought I was posting on a new topic, but instead I posted to Paintingfools "Fall of a different color" So sorry Bebe!

My really bad!


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Here are the pictures.....think I might have scrambled something in the fall!


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Belle, I like your projects. I see you are enjoying your Cricut. I have thought about investing in one.


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Marylee.....There seems to be so many other things to do before I can play with my cricut.

If you are thinking about buying a cutting machine, go to the Sure Cuts A Lot website first. This company makes computer programs that let you cut anything, well almost, anything you can draw or copy. No more buying cartridges for cricut, but the catch is Provo sued SCAL and they can no longer make their programs compatible with cricut. I just got under the deadline when I purchased mine. But there are some other great machine that don't care what you cut.
Everything you see in the photo was free cutting files I downloaded off the internet. And be sure to check eBay before you purchase, I bought mine on sale from Joanna's but still could have saved big bucks on eBay.

I want to do some card making where I use my painting skills to paint my cards. I also have just gotten a set of colored pencils and what a blast! It's like I was a kid again, only these old bones still hurt!


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Not sure how I missed this post, but your silhouettes are so neat and so are your blocks, Belle.

I don't have sure cuts a lot or make the cut either one, but I have enough cartridges to keep me busy for awhile. I figured Cricut would not want those companies keeping users from buying the cartridges!

I keep hearing allot about the Silhouette,and it doesn't require cartridges either. I don't mind the cartridges, I just watch for them when on sale.

Really enjoyed my machine when I first got it, but just haven't been doing anything crafty for months now. Maybe someday soon--we'll see.

Love seeing all your projects.


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Belle, your blocks turned out wonderful. Love the bright colors. That little ghost pumpkin is darling.

I still have DD's circut machine and haven't cut a thing with it. If I ever get a free minute I will email you and maybe we can talk about these files that are available on the internet.

Luvs, hope you will find an extra minute to play with yours soon. I think some blocks in lime green and red would be fun colors for Christmas.


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TY Punk....I have been learning about card making, using my cricut and cuttlebug.....so exciting!

As everyone in our family is soooooooooo grown up now, we give gift cards or cash for Christmas, so I have been finding and making pattern ideas for gift cards. Hope to start on the "real" thing on Monday.


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