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imamommyApril 15, 2009

I'm not really venting.. because I'm so past the point of getting frustrated with BM and her antics. For the last few weeks, I've been able to laugh it off. She keeps going and going... kinda like the energizer bunny! Trying to entice us into fighting... whatever! We have done good at ignoring her.

I've also mentioned that BM's mom, who has BM's other DD13 living with her, has thrown herself into the mix by picking up SD from school for BM... trying to start crap on SD's birthday over the infamous pants... when BM forgets to be a pain in the ass, I guess her mom feels the need to help out!

That's fine. How can I put all the blame on BM when I see her mom in action? She's literally WORSE than BM! Kinda makes me feel sorry for BM, it's how she was raised... but just a little. I mean she's 36 years old, she is responsible for her current choices. It's just easier to understand WHY she does what she does after dealing with her mom.

Well, a few weeks ago when I wrote about SD's birthday, I said how SD's sister was the one calling DH to arrange the time & place for exchanges... yeah, a 13 year old is now doing what grandma should be doing... well, grandma was doing what BM should be doing... talk about passing the buck!

Well, how's this for a new low? While I was in the chiropractor, I had a missed call from SD's sister. Now, mind you that since BM moved away and left SD with us and her sister with grandma, we have invited SD's sister to go out for dinner and made offers to get her together with SD to hang out, play, etc. We wanted them to be able to see each other more and we've NEVER limited them from calling each other. So, it sounded funny to me when her message mentioned it was between 4-6. Then, before I could call her back, DH called to say he also got a message... then a text from SD's sister. The text message said "BD, it's SD's sister. U r making a big deal about this rule that I can only talk to my sister between 4 & 6, but then when I call within that timeline, no1 picks up. It's after 6 now, but I want to talk to my little sister, who u obviously won't let me talk 2. Plz have her call me" and when he didn't answer her right away, she wrote, "r u just going to ignore me?" WHOA!!! WTH? Nobody has EVER told her she has to call between a certain time... DH has told BM that SHE needs to stick to the order! There is no order for SD to talk or not talk to her sister... we let her talk because we are nice and it's her sister and we want her to have a relationship with her sister, whom we have also seen as a victim in all this.

All of this seems to be hinged on DH telling BM to stick to the order... now she's making a huge issue out of her aunt is coming into town. He's already told her no last week. Then on Easter, BM asked again in front of both kids, DH said no again and BM said she had the paperwork ready to file and was going to file it Monday. He said fine. Then SD's sister sends those texts yesterday... and we did let SD call her after dinner. The first thing she did was have SD ask DH if we are going to bring her to her graduation on June 2nd. Without thinking, DH told SD no, he's not going to take her to her sister's graduation. lol, I told DH that SD is with BM for summer vacation on June 2nd so BM will have to take her... so he told SD who then told her sister that she'll be with BM that day. (I think she was trying to set up DH with a situation she knew he'd say no to so he looks like the bad guy.. and he fell for it! Ugh!) Then, DH got three text messages from BM's mom today asking him if he is going to allow her to pick up SD on the 24th (DH's only weekend, btw) When he told me, he asked me if he should respond. I asked him what he wants to do? He ssid he is not dealing with BM's mom anymore so he is ignoring the texts. (Of course I suggested he tell her that BM said she's filing court papers and he's waiting to be served)

I have to admit... they are getting to me a little. We've been good about ignoring them. But, now there are three of them and it's been daily calls, texts, etc. Today, BM actually called SD TWICE!!! She never calls and I'd love to say it's great she's taking an interest in SD.. but I get the feeling she isn't calling because she misses her 'baby'

** also want to add that we sent SD's sister a text to tell her that the court ordered times are between BM and SD and if she is going to be demanding and disrespectful in the way she talks to DH, we don't HAVE to let her talk to her sister. She apologized but it was like listening to BM apologize... justifying why she felt entitled to talk to him that way. It's just sad that she is interjecting herself on behalf of BM and grandma. It's like they are a team now... super crazy!!!!

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They are Wonder Woman, Wonder what the crap they are thinking!! SD sister needs to come spend some time with you guys and maybe see you guys are not the bad guy. That is if you can stand having Grandma's spy in the house. I would hope it wouldn't be that way but who knows how deep it runs. Good luck with that.

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We've invited her lots of times. She's always politely declined. I have never known her to be rude but now she is injecting herself and being a little antagonistic.

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