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paintingfoolNovember 1, 2008

At our chapter meeting today we painted a gingerbread girl on an ironing board ornament. It was the cutest!! Thought you would like to see it.

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How very cute! And you did it in how long? Wish I belonged to a group that painted together, would be fun!

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She is darling and it looks like she is reaching for the star which really adds to it. The star looks like it could almost be material with a button in the middle. I bet the ladies loved making this.

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Thank you, we did this in about 2 hours. I am very impatient so I couldn't wait and finished mine early (I like reading directions). Then I showed everyone how to use Triple Coat varnish. For some reason, I made her head a bit uneven - but then she is a cookie.

Our club has been around since 1976. I have been a member since 1985 and we still have about 20% of the original members. It started off with a group of neighborhood friends who got together each week to paint and eventually there were enough to form a club - the rest is history. We had as many as 100 members at one time but a lot of people found other things to do like - scrapbooking and stamping. I just can't imagine not painting ever. Would love to see more of your work.

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What a sweet little gingerbread girl. Gingers are one of my favorite things, just love those sweet happy faces.

I just love all the details on her collar, and all those sparkle lines in her cheeks! Your detail painting is just perfect, and your shading always gives such dimension to your projects. Would be so fun just to watch you paint sometime--wanna make a video? I'd sure buy one. ;o)


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Bebe! I love gingers too. What a cute one. I especially love the little reindeers on her collar! How cute is that!! Very awesome project. ~Anj

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Thank you all. I have only painted one other ginger before. This was cute and easy, just a lot of shading and highlighting. I almost always dampen my surface before I shade. It helps the paint float across the surface and helps blend the paint.

Luvs, I am by no means a professional but I do take a lot of classes and I have picked up a lot of techniques. My neice wants to videotape one of my classes and I agreed to do it next year. If it happens, I will send you a CD.

Anj, the reindeer were so easy - a rectangle box for the body, upside down V's for the legs, a triangle for the head and Y's for the antlers. It was too small to trace.

I am off to find something else to paint. I only have 10 days before the show and I don't have enough items. I have to make magnolia angels out of the flower bulbs, so cute, and my sister sent me some bark to paint Santas on. My lightbulb Santas are base coated but I still have to put the finishing touch on them. So much to do but first I have to go vote.


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Yeah for you on the voting Bebe! I was just thinking that I couldn't be on here very long because I need to get dressed and go vote.

I would love to see one of your classes, or even just a video of you at your desk doing a project. I ordered a video from Ebay of a gal painting roses on a suitcase, you hear all the background noises and the cat even jumps up on the chair to see what's going on--but it is so great seeing her messy palate and being able to watch how she holds the brush and does each stroke. You never even see her face, only her hands holding the suitcase and her brush!

Thanks for the tip about dampening the surface first before you float, I'm going to give that a try next time. It does make sense that it would flow easier. I hate it if I get that "shadow" of a line at the inside edge, maybe that would help eliminate that.

I think my biggest problem is using too much paint. I was reminding myself the other day that two thin coats are better than a thick one! Sometimes I get in too big of a hurry I think.

I can tell you are excited about your show, hope you get all the projects finished. Take lots of pictures of what everyone has made so we can feel like we are at the show with you okay?


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That's adorable! Nice job!!

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That would be so cute on a fan blade too.
I have some of those I'm trying to figure out what to put on them. I just love gingers. I keep them up year round.

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that is really cute :) it would look perfect on a real ironing board!

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