How can I make my house look better?

marstarOctober 30, 2012

Here are the things I was thinking of doing so far, but I am just stuck, not sure if I am on the right track. I have seen homes with smooth stucco and the use of stone/rock around the bottom of the house and was thinking of a putting in a faux wood garage door. The house has wood siding and the paint color is too cool for me, I want something warm. If anyone has recommendations on which stone/rock to use and a color? I was also thinking of breaking down the block wall on the left of the photo and adding an entry gate made with a wood door and pillars or matching stone/rock to the left of the house because my front door is actually in the back of the home, through the black gate. We are in the suburbs of LA but feels like a mountain community, lots of trees and wildlife and we are hoping to create a modern lodge feel to the home but don't know how to. If anyone has ANY suggestions, I would love to hear it. Btw, I removed everything in the planter, this is an old photo.

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More photos of house before I moved in, all plants are gone.

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This is the back side of the house, the white security gate is where my "front door" is located, which needs to be replaced also. My deck is getting replaced and adding cable railing. What type of trim do you think I should install around the windows? Do I bother with stone on this side of the house?

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I don't know if you would like the look, but there is a bank in my town with Hardi plank siding, painted medium tan with a brown glaze over it. At least that's what it looks like up close. From a few feet away it looks just like wood. I am pretty sure it was all sprayed as I never saw anyone doing any glazing by hand. It looks great and I can see something like that at your house.

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Oh, and they have limestone on the lower 4' of the building.

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"with Hardi plank siding, painted medium tan with a brown glaze over it"

marti-I am amazed that you could identify that. Uh I know brick or stone or aluminum siding ....:) LOL

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I like the siding on your house -- it's appropriate to the style. However,that diagonal bit to the right of the windows over the garage looks dated to me, especially since it is not mirrored on the left.

I think you could get a warm look by changing the color of the wood to something richer and warmer, rather than replacing with stone.

However, the garage door is probably the largest obstacle to making your house look better. That top section appears to have been put in upside down. It's the wrong look for your home, even right-side up. Consider changing the whole door for something with rectangular windows and painting the whole thing a slightly darker shade of the color you put on the house. You might also be able to change just the window panel, which would be a lot less of a commitment!

The planter adds greenery to a spot where you need it. Could you incorporate it into the entrance you want? Maybe with a pergola over it, to make it obvious to guests where the entry is?

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I don't think I would do the stone. I like the idea of a fresh coat of tan paint. That little spot above the garage door with the diagonal siding, do you think you could replace just that little area with siding that matches? I also like the idea of switching out the garage door with something that blends in a little more.

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It looks like the "front" (view) side has vertical siding. Is that the same as the "back" side? So that the horizontal and little bits of diagonal siding are only on the gabled ends? If so, I'd consider swapping out the siding on the garage end (and the far end, possibly, if it matters) to be vertical siding that matches the long sides. The funny bits of white trim can go, and I would also lose the contrasting corner trim (paint it to match the body of the house).

If you don't need the light from the two windows above the garage, consider losing those as well. Maybe replace with a simple vent. If you're wanting to reside completely, I think a vertical board-and-batten looks great on a California ranch.

Here's a thread from another board that shows a ranch with original B&B siding. If you scroll down you'll see a photoshop where someone has made the garage door B&B as well, so it all blends together. And way toward the bottom you'll see it painted in a dark gray. I think this type of siding works well with darker colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Board and Batten ranch.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would not do the waterline of will make the house look even more squat.

The windows in the garage door are upside down and not attractive...square windows would look better. You may be able to do that by simply removing the plastic grill shapes in the window.

I agree with the others about blending in the door and removing the odd angled siding. Adding something intentional to the left to indicate the way to the front door would be very helpful.

Do you need to worry about fires? Not sure but a cementatious material may be helpful.

Go to and see if you can find some ideas from a lodge look home.

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LOL I guess I should not answer this but I think your house is lovely just as it is. If the garage door windows are upside down I love them that way. More interest. I would not change anything. We do have the hardi plank siding and it is fine but I think what you already have looks better.

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I like the idea adding new windows in the garage door and painting the door, great input, thank you!

We do live in a fire hazard zone and have had termites when we first bought the house so we thought to do stucco for those reasons. Hardi Plank might be an idea, but have to get my husband on board, he thinks the house looks like a mobile home with the siding. The stucco guy just stopped by to give us an estimate, so we'll see about the price, if it fits into our budget or not.

I have been to houzz and found a couple of houses that are close to my style, but you might be right about the stone making the house look more squat. The links below are close to my style.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Those houses are much taller than yours.

You might post this on home decor...lots of good idea folks there...

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Your house really reminds me of 1970's version of mid century modern. I found this photo by search houzz for mid century modern lodge

Modern Exterior design by Los Angeles Architect Think. Design Office

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Marti8- the same house is in my ideabook and its located a few miles away from me too.

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How funny! Do you like the way it looks?

Here's the siding at my bank.

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I do like the way the house looks, but we talked about it last night and we still want more pop and character.

We are seriously considering the hardi plank now and the bank design looks like an interesting idea for our area. Thanks for posting. Since the earth moves a lot out here, stucco may not be the right choice. The stucco guy said we would have to repaint in 3 years because of cracks.

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Our ground moves too. We have hardi plank and it doesn't flex as much as wood siding. We have a couple of cracks I've noticed.

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