Snowflake stencils?

franksmom_2010November 21, 2011

Hello painting friends!! Long time, no see!

I'm thinking of doing a Christmas project, and I need snowflake stencils in various sizes. I had seen some large foam stamps on a website, but the cost of the stamps plus shipping was really more than I was planning to spend on this project. The goal of the project is fast, easy, and cheap! LOL!

So, in your crafting travels, have you seen any such thing for a few bucks? I thought they used to sell these all over during the holidays, so that you could use that spray snow on your windows to make snowflakes, but I haven't found anything in my area. I was at Walmart today, and they had stencils for 97 cents...poinsettias and angels. Help?

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I found mine at the Dollar Store last season - might want to check there. Also, post on for your area, under 'wanted' and 'arts and crafts' - maybe someone has some they would sell cheap or give you.

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Dollar store is a great place to start and if you have a Michael's in your area they usually have a few $1 bins with little crafts for kids and I've seen lots of snowflake stamps and sometimes the big foam stamps or cutouts that you could pop out and use the leftover for your stencil area?? Does that makes sense? I'll check out the internet and see if I can see anything else to help!

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Welcome Back! As there are so few of us, when someone goes missing, they are really missed!!!!!

As to the stencils, I got mine from Patricia Rawlinson site. I waited for one of her many specials and got it at a reduced price. I just checked out her site and they are listed under Snowflakes (6 of them) or item S109 and the price is $6.97 plus s & h, which is very reasonable, her site is:

You might have to sign up for her newsletter in order to get her specials, but they also let you know about her new videos, which are great to watch, not only for the information on brush strokes, etc., but just as a reminder of what can be done.

Hope this helps!


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Also just thought about this...if you know anyone with a cricut they can do them for you...right Belle and Luvs???

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What I mean is, I don't own one, but I think you can make different sized stencils with them, can't you?

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Thanks so much! You guys are lifesavers! I swung by the Dollar Tree, and found a pack of four Christmas stencils (with a whole page of snowflakes!) for a buck! I'll post pics of my finished project when it's all done.

It's been a crazy year for me. I've painted a few pieces of furniture, but nothing else. The craft room is just a disaster area...I got sidetracked last winter, and haven't caught up since. I did get the outlets fixed on that one wall, so I've been able to sew in that room. I hope this winter to at least regain some organization, if not get it finished!

I hope everyone is well, and that you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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I finished the tree skirt! We have an off-white tree, and I wanted a matching skirt. I had a piece of cotton canvas dropcloth, some cotton fringe, and some upholstry weight fabric from an old slipcover, all leftover from other projects. I already had the silver paints and sequins, so the total cost of the project was the dollar that I spent on stencils!

The whole thing is machine washable, and I like that it's reversible, so I can flip it over for different looks. And the craft room is a tiny bit less cluttered!

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Beautiful! I really like the colors and you did a beautiful job with the stencils! And reversible..... I love to do things that have two sides.

I also noticed the dark blue snowflakes on your tree, those are lovely as well.


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Thanks so much, Belle!

It was my kind of, easy, and cheap! LOL!

I learned something, too. I had metallic silver paint, which when used on anything else is very shiny and sparkley, but on fabric, just turned a dull gray. I went back over that with some glitter paint, and it turned out much better. I think if I had used the glitter paint first, it wouldn't show up at all, so it turned out for the best.

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