Looking for 2 br 2 bath floor plan maybe under 1000 sqft?

IowacommuteOctober 23, 2012

I'm relatively new to GW but have learned a ton. I sneak into all of the boards I can when my DD is napping.

We will be moving to NE Iowa to the family farm as soon as we sell our current home. We're not sure if we'll actually be 'on' the farm or buy a little piece of land next to it.

I recently found a house plan my DH and I loved http://www.thehousedesigners.com/plan/sutherlin-small-ranch-5458/ and although we love the layout, split bedrooms, nice open layout, plus I had already rearranged the kitchen and master bath to what I wanted (a 36" gas range and extra wall oven and 4x6 curbless frameless shower). We have been going back and forth about really wanting a smaller home. Our first house was around 860 sqft with 3 beds,1 bath, basement and no garage. It was a very cute and cheery house. I bragged I could clean it in a half hour, and I loved nh little galley kitchen.

We're wanting something with two or three bedrooms and two baths, a two car garage, finished basement, (their farm has been hit with a few tornadoes over the years so this is non-negotiable) and oh yeah a good size LR (maybe around 16x19) with an open floor plan like the one in my link. We're thinking around 1000 sqft would be nice.

I have been looking for this plan and have even tried drawing my own (way harder than what it looks by the way). We also thought about cutting off the two beds and bath in the plan from the link and putting them in the basement. I would then feel like we would need a half bath for people to access easily (I like entertaining) and my little babes bedroom would be in the basement (shes only 20 months right now) so even if we did this in two or three years I don't think I would feel comfortable with her down there all bu herself. I have thought what if she were upstairs and we were down (like an actual second story) I would still worry. She is our first and only kid.

Any help, guidance, advice you could give is much appreciated. If you need or are interested in anymore info I'm willing to share. I'm a SAHM so I need a break from Sesame Street sometimes.

One other thing. I will also have a little catering business in Iowa so I'll need some decent storage for extra foodstuffs and containers.

So excited there is a small homes forum!

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I did forget to mention we're in our early 30s but plan on this being our forever house so ive been calling it an 'aging in place situation.'

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that's a really nice house. I think you'll feel better all around if the bedrooms are all on the main floor.

you could just finish off a part of the basement for now as a playroom, game room type area. that'd still make it nice if you had to spend some time down there waiting out a tornado warning. Wouldn't you still want at least a half bath down there?
you'll also need some extra storage - you could use the closet shelf in the extra bedroom for now but if you have another kid that space will end up occupied with kid stuff!

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Elraes Miller

Basements don't have to be basements. If you build on a slight hill, windows can be an option as well as a door. Think security as there has to be an exit. Also, opening up the stairwell instead of using a wall for going down. Think second floor rather than "basement".

Have you considered a loft for two bedrooms and bath, over the living room/kitchen? Kids love them and many have done this with old houses. Also, look at log houses. Not to build a log house, but for layouts. They tend to be a bit more creative layout wise and for use of space.

I love the house and could easily remove the two bedrooms, but this would change the exterior design a great deal. You are on a wonderful journey.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I was thinking about eventually anyway finishing the basement -except for the hvac/storage area. We would make an office for my husband (he will work from home full time) a craft room for me, and maybe another spare bedroom. The rest would probably be open for a family/ play room. We would probably put a full bath down there too.

I have been looking at egress windows and put in as many as I could. I have also been looking at lighting. I grew up with a walkout basement and j really love them.

Thanks for the tip about log cabins. I have thought about the loft. I really like that idea and wonder how much that would cost. I know everyone would like it not just my little babe.

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Check out Ross Chapin cottages. I had one of the smaller ones and loved it.

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