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franksmom_2010November 9, 2010

Hi everyone! I finished the dining room! Whew!! I posted a thread on the home dec forum if you want to take a peek. Lots of little projects in that room, so I'm so relieved to have it mostly finished, and before the holidays!! Thanks again for all of the great ideas and support!

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FM...You rock! Your decor is so peaceful. The plates fit right in and are so delicate. The crystal chandy is beautiful but I also really like the old one, it would fit right into my lighting style. Is the bowl wood or metal, wither way it is a keeper!


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Took me a while to find it so I'm putting a link here for anybody else to go check it out. Everything is so beautiful FM! Can totally tell you've put a lot of thought and work into it. I absolutely LOVE the chandy!! Wow! Why did they ever change that out??? You've done a great job!

Here is a link that might be useful: FM's Dining Room redo!

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Thanks so much Belle!

That bowl is brass, and you know, I bought that on ebay for $9! I thought it would look nice when I bought it, but when it got here and I took it out of the box...WOW! That was just the right thing!

And you know what else? I just added up the total budget for that room...$327. Can you believe that? All of the parts, hadware, paint, curtains, etc.

I like the soft, cool colors. I do have some rooms that have darker, earthier colors, dark stained wood, etc. but my favorite rooms are the light ones. People either love it or they hate it. I want to find a dark stained round dining table for that room, because I think the mix of dark wood and white paint is so interesting. Funds and time and energy are low, though, so it'll have to wait until after the holidays.

You know, I just thought I could have all of that craft room furniture redone, and the bedroom, and the dining room, all before Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't do it! I had started another painting, too, but it was just too detailed, and would have taken hours every day to get it finished, and I just don't have that kind of time right now.

I am glad that I at least got the clutter out of the craft room, and arranged it mostly how I want it, because even though it's not finished and pretty, it's been much more functional since I did that! I hope to finish it off after the holidays, and I'll be sure and post pics when it's done.

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What a great find on the chandy, it's great! I love those soft looking colors of the plates too, and your redo of that cabinet was just amazing. It's all coming together, and you are right--it sure takes time, energy, and money too. Enjoy all your hard work. Luvs

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Anj, our house was built in the '70's, and we're just the third owners of it. The people we bought from, I don't think they ever threw anything out, because between the attics and garage, we found a LOT of old fixtures. It looks like some things were changed out in the '80's, and again right before they sold it. I'm pretty sure that chandy was the original fixture in the dining room.

I was so worried that it wouldn't work in the room, but a decorator friend of mine shared a neat trick. If you have a color or finish that doesn't really "go" in a room, the way to make it work is to add more of it. So, I had that old frame for the large mirror. I'm sure originally it was a gold finish, but it's aged to a brassy color, and I just added the candlesticks, bowl, and hardware. Bringing in the colors of the prisms was easy, because I already had the plates, and found that valance at JCPenney.

The chandelier was the very last thing to be finished, so I was really nervous about it. I did a little happy dance when it was done, though!

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Where is Paintergirl??!! I really wanted her to see the whole room all finished.

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Ha! I saw it, and actually thought I left a comment!! I think the holidays make me crazy!
Everything is beautiful. Your hard work definitely paid off. I am so jealous of the chandelier. You find that in your attic, we find mice turds and dead bees. Great.
Anyway, can't wait to see what you do for table/chairs.
And, what are you thinking for the hutch?

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Hi! Don't be jealous...we found it IN the mouse turds and dead bees. That's why it was such a chore to get it cleaned and rewired! I literally took the whole thing apart, took out the old, rotted, mouse-chewed wiring, and hand scrubbed each piece with lots of hot soapy water.

Anyway, thanks so much! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun to get it all done and finally see it all together. One of the few rooms that I've finished so far, that looks as good as I pictured it in my head!

For that hutch, I was going to just paint it the wall color (Behr Calla Lilly) but maybe make the back piece of it a contrasting color. Now I wonder if I should go with a different, darker color? Paint the whole thing a color, and use a cream color for the background? Flip the color scheme that I used for the other cabinet? I have no idea, but I'm totally open to suggestion. I don't really want it all matchy-matchy, but I do want it to look like it all belongs together, if that makes sense.

Why is so much newly made furniture so poorly made? Or made of poor materials? I've looked at a few tables, but I'm not paying $300 for MDF. I'm going to search Craigslist and the antique stores for something vintage, or at least made out of wood.

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FM...glad the hutch is your problem and not mine! Went to look at the pictures again and everything flows together, but I just get the feeling if you painted it the same as the cabinet it would just be to much, the cabinet is a focal point and catches the eye because it blends in with the walls. So what to do? I don't know. Have you thought about bringing in a soft blue from your plates? Maybe a very pale blue base with the wall color on the doors/drawers? By the way it that a cat in the window?

Hope you figure it out soon, everything looks so lovely!


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Belle, you know, you're the only one that noticed the cat! That's Little Mo Peep looking out the window! She's one of our funnier kitties.

I just don't know about that hutch. Should I wait to see what it's going to look like with a dark table, first? We think the dining room was originally larger, and that hutch was added when they built a storage closet/pantry on the other side of it. That's why that corner of the room is so awkward. And the dining room so small.

Thanks again for all of the sweet comments!

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What do you think of this? It's newer than I'd like, and I have no idea if it's solid wood or not, but the price is sure right.

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That's a pretty set. Love the pedestal and the size looks perfect. A new fabric and you're all set. As for being too new, you can always do the distressing yourself.

If you do end up with a dark table, I think I would do the hutch a darker tone. I think.

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I think it would look lovely in your dining room, and the different wood tones will keeps the room from looking hohum.


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