Siera- the cover I made for the my 5 shelf-unit

FlamingO in ARNovember 20, 2001

I looked at the pattern books for these, and decided to design my own simple one. Velcro at the top middle, on each corner and the back corner, draped fabric to wrap it from the back to the middle front, and left enough to make a facing in the front about 3-4" deep, one piece for each side. Hemmed the top and bottom and sides, put on matching velcro, and hung it up. At each shelf, I sewed on 2 covered buttons and tied them together by wrapping rat tail cord around one permanently and using the end to wrap around the other button to hold the 2 front pieces closed, making it quick and easy to open to get to the shelves. The top looked a little plain, so I put batting on a piece of matboard the size of the top, and wrapped more of the same fabric around it to pad it and give it a fabric top. It's really quite lovely and subtle, and looks much nicer than just a metal shelf unit.

I hope I explained it OK, kinda tough to describe.

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thanks FlamingO,I think I have it figured out,sounds kind of like tie-back curtains? I never would have thought of using velcro to attach the cover,neat idea. This would help to keep dust out too,since my laundry room doubles as a painting room.thanks so much.

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