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wishdishMarch 11, 2013

I have several people who have asked me to teach a mosaic class. My mind has been swirling around the idea. I would love to do it. But not sure how it would work -- of course, I would need tools for each person (cha-ching expense!). But should I offer just one project such as a mirror or such. I don't really want to make up a kit, but I know that's an option. If I don't do that, do I just put out a bunch of materials for them to choose from, that is included in the fee? Then, maybe have some other things set aside that can be additional fee if they want to use them - like a special agate, or large beads or something like that. I make pique assiette style mosaics, so I would have various plates to choose from, along with stained glass. tiles and beads.

I'm thinking two sessions - one for glueing and another for grouting/finishing.

Also, why are materials fees sometimes separated? For instance, it's fee up front and materials fee at class. Is that just a personal preference?

Oh, any help would be appreciated.



Here is a link that might be useful: Ellenmarie Mosaics

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LOVE your tidy studio!!! Just having a peek at your studio, I would suggest crosses as the project. And have set aside a few of your finished pieces and have the items they may use for their work all out on the table to have a "free for all"...with a part of the workshop with you showing how to nip plates/etc...what tools to use for that, but let them buy their own tools....just make it a mosaicing party with instruction...then a grouting party with instruction...

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