Anyone looking for inspiration pictures?

oceannaSeptember 10, 2010

We have thirteen threads chock full of inspirational pictures over in the House Decorating board gallery. They're separated by type of room except the Cottage Decor one has all types of rooms, even some exteriors and porches.

I thought you might want to know about them as they're a wonderful resource if you're building or decorating, chock full of ideas for you.

Here is a link for you.

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How nice of you to share with our board. I have sent links from here to some of the Gallery threads when something hits home for us.

Do go and visit the gallery, you will find hundreds of ideas. There are a lot of small room ideas.
And sometimes Oceanna will help you key in on a find that works for you. She is one busy lady working on all the photos.

I wrote you once about a black/white small bathroom that became my inspiration and finished the room.

There is a bedroom that has had my attention for 2 years.
What I can't come up with is a similar bed covering. Is there a way to find the manufactuer? I checked "properties" on the photo and did find Zlinens in the code, but searches didn't bring them up. If not I'll just continue keeping my eye out for something close.

Do you keep your photos with info for some of the products or where you found the photo?

Thanks from here for all the time taken in keeping the galleries going. I caught the latest updates. Glad you are still around, had been a long time or seemed like it.

Sandy in CO

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Oh I had forgotten all about these. So glad you brought this back Oceanna!! Lovely pictures and even though I have been through them before I so enjoy going back through. Funny how some times just one little thing in a picture will inspire a room redo even if you do not use all in the picture. I will enjoy this with a good cup of coffee or tea.


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You're very welcome, and thanks for the thanks! :)

Sandy, I recall your thanks to me over in that section and it made my day. No, I'm sorry, I very seldom keep info on the photos I post (they quite often save with huge long numbers) as it would take me tons longer and that project eats up hours of time as it is. Once in a great while, but not often, will they save with the designer's name. I too have spent days looking for the source for something, and come up empty handed. I'm very happy to learn that you got help on a bath from one of the photos, though. Cool! :)

I love the idea of starting with an inspiration photo and don't feel one bit guilty about it because it's almost impossible to exactly copy any room when you just find a picture on the Internet. I just try to take general things from the pictures, like color schemes, and so on. I probably can't afford what they're selling anyway. I make and/or re-purpose a whole lot of my things.

Chris, I'm glad you're enjoying the Gallery. Check back from time to time as new pictures get added by me and by others. You are all also welcome to add pics yourselves.

I agree, Chris, I find the Gallery really helpful when I have a question such as "what should I put on my coffee table?" Within 10 minutes I've seen hundreds of coffee tables decorated by the experts, and I know just what to put on my table. Or kitchen curtains. Or bathroom towels. Or bedroom wall colors. Or what to put on that entry table -- lots of gorgeous small table vignets in the entry and hallway thread, for instance. Any decorating question you have, and you'll probably find loads answers in those threads.

There are also some color threads there that give you names of exact paints used in the room. Those can be very helpful as well, and also contain many gorgeous room pics.

I'm so totally a visual girl, and decorating is such a visual art. How can we do it without pictures? That Gallery is like having a kazillion decorating magazines, but you don't have to find a place to store them. lol!

What's a small house?

I look at some of those houses rich people post over on that board and often wonder if I'm in the right place. I mean, like, egad. There is practically money dripping off some of those posts. It's nice to see their pictures, but my house will never look like theirs, and I'm a bit embarrassed to post much in the way of pictures of it.

I think my house is "regular" sized, and just a silly old tract home like every other home on the block. Nothing special, and I'm far, far, far from rich.

But you know, I love it. It's mine and let's face it how many people in the world would give their front teeth to have what we have. I feel very fortunate to have it, and I love dolling it up!

Speaking of making things -- this is my latest:

This post also has some things I made:

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Oh my, your lampshade and stained glass is just gorgeous! You are amazing.

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Oh, goodness, thank you, Marti! Really, anyone could do those projects. Just takes a little patience and time. The Gallery Glass is a lot easier than real stained glass, kind of just coloring in the lines. And if you can sew a hem you can sew a lampshade. I just love pretty things and they're not in the budget.

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Gads, you are one of us? Reclaiming, DIY, moderate? But what a taste for beutiful you have. I looked at your windows and was amazed how real they seem. Went to the link and they have all the instructions. Guess I need to get a catalog though to see the patterns. Although any stain glass pattern would work.

Thanks for understanding the search for bedroom resource. I'm in love with the colors and continue to run through bedding sources...hoping. It may come down to just buying the fabric and doing it myself.

The bedroom also has a stone wall. Which could be done "faux" with a stencil and spackle. Another idea to add to my "rest of life" ideas.

Great to have you write and share with us. Now many more will get to know you and enjoy your inspiration.

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Oceanna, I hope you come spend time with us more often. It seems something new and inspiring is going on around here, and we all can use more ideas.

I see a lot of great ideas and can no way use them all myself, but I can sometimes relay the info to someone who CAN use them. You sound like myy kind of person!

Pleased to meet you.

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If by "one of us" you mean "no silver spoon in mouth" you bet. Champagne taste on a beer budget. But you know, I'm used to being poor and I think I'm pretty good at it. It is an art, you know!

You're one too? Hugs!! I just adore clever people. I remember a cartoon from when I was just a little girl. Ladies' Home Journal, I think. Adam and eve sitting under a tree, with a few strategic leaves placed. Next frame is Eve sewing, with a big pile of leaves by her side. Last frame is Eve wearing a gorgeous dress made of leaves, while Adam still has his one stupid leaf. lol!

My absolute favorite threads are the trash to treasure ones. It is so fun to do that! Just think -- rich people never know that thrill. My purchases tend to be CL or Goodwill. The money stays local, the landfill is saved, the older stuff is built better, and it's a win-win for everyone. So sometimes I feel a bit alone over on the HD board, especially at times like when hearing women lament that their painter is coming tomorrow and they haven't picked their colors. I wanna shout, good heavens, lady, roll up your sleeves and paint it yourself! I do love painting. lol So I bite my tongue. They're always asking what color things are. I dunno. I had a can of this and a can of that in the garage and I mixed them together to get exactly what I want. Shrug. Of course, there are a few great DIY folks over there too, and I love their posts.

Yes, any stained glass pattern would work for the GG windows, and there are loads of them free for the printing on the Internet, or in books from the library. Or if you have a drawing s/w you can draw up what you want, take it to Staples, and give them the finished dimensions you want and they'll print it for you. That's what I did (except I used a photo s/w as that's all I had -- awkward). I'll bet you could even draw your drawing by hand and ask them to enlarge it. That one above my front door is huge, and they printed it out on one big piece of paper for me. I've paid $3-12 for this service. Not bad at all.

Then I used carbon or transfer paper with a ballpoint pen to transfer the design to the inside of the window, using a ruler for the straight lines. This works MUCH better than taping your pattern to the window, which they tell you to do. With the latter choice as you move your head left/right/up/down, the exact placement of a line changes -- drives you nuts and makes it impossible to get it right. Even worse with a double-paned window. Works well to just put your pattern underneath with a cling, as the cling is not thick. A cling is a sturdy piece of see-through clear film that sticks to your window without glue, and also peels back up without leaving marks.

Then I used the leading strips for the outlines. You just need a good exacto knife to cut the strips. Straight strips are a little harder to lay out, but use a ruler. Connect all the strips with little "solder" dots of the black Gallery Glass. Then fill in your colored parts, and use a toothpick to get the bubbles out and "comb" the paint into all the corners. I bought a tool for that from the Window Butterflies lady.

I learned to pipe the curved lines on when working on the horizontal, and that is much easier with the Butterfly lady's paint than with GG. Actually, I ended up mixing the two for the consistency/look I wanted. I did all my leading in black.

A word about her paint -- it is easier to work with and the colors are super BUT it wouldn't be as good to do on a vertical surface. The GG is thicker. So buy her stuff if you want to do window clings (easy and fun). She even has a little video showing you how to work with it. If you want to do a window in place, working on the vertical, use GG. I'll give the link to her below.

I also hot-glued on "jewels." I used those flat-backed glass marbles in some places, and on the transom window I used acrylic "pirates treasure chest jewels" I found somewhere on the 'net. I called to make sure they were flat backed, and not silvered on the back.

I hear you about buying the fabric and doing it yourself. There are patterns/formulas for that somewhere on the 'net too -- how to piece together different widths of fabric to make duvet covers or bedspreads for various sizes of beds. Good luck on finding just what you want!

Yes, you can do faux stone. Have you ever seen the raised plaster stencils? I don't know if they have stone ones, but they should. I think they also have faux stone you can glue on and paint. My hesitation on that is if you want to redo it later to resell the house or because you're bored with it. I prefer keeping the wall flat so it can all be easily painted back out later. There are a lot of cool all-over wallpaper stencils out there, too.

Hey, any time any of you wanna talk DIY, I love it! I wish more people would share their DIY projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: Window Butterflies

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lET'S see if this one posts from HOUZZ. I think maybe Mama Goose will like it too.

eclectic family room design

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Look at this. I've been immersed in HOUZZ, and thinking about JudithVa, who is still missing in action around here, and ran across this series of vignettes she might enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holikday Vignettes

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"I think my house is "regular" sized, and just a silly old tract home like every other home on the block. Nothing special, and I'm far, far, far from rich.

But you know, I love it. It's mine and let's face it how many people in the world would give their front teeth to have what we have. I feel very fortunate to have it, and I love dolling it up!

I'm used to being poor and I think I'm pretty good at it. It is an art, you know! "

you're right on with these! there are people in THIS country who would be thrilled to have what we have. - even me! lol! I'm thrilled to have what I have (in process) including my land. It's my little piece of the world (that I 'rent' back from the county). I can have my dogs here and don't have to pay an extra 'fee' to have them. No one can decide to sell it to a relative or move back in - causing me to have to move again. (that happened in the last 2 rentals I was in).

I can have purple walls if I want. or walls of many colors... I just need some basic spaces, running water and electricity - a few basic things like that. I want it as easy to clean and keep up as possible - less frills are easier.

it's time for me to do a few chores, but later when I'm exhausted I'll curl up here and finish reading this thread and check site links.

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Oceanna I had no idea your stained glass windows were glass paint. I REALLY am going to have to give this a try. Maybe do mixed media.

ML Great window seat picture. Loving the combination of fabrics on the pillows.

Steph you got my attention on the purple walls !!!! LOL


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I just want to say great for you to join us. Jump in the pool whenever you have time. I loved the story of Adam and Eve and appreciate the "how to" on the stained glass. Yup, we girls are good. A lot of us here dream and build without the men. And we also know when we really need them.

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Desertsteph, I'm so sorry you were kicked out of a couple of rental places through no fault of yours. But I'm happy for you that you now have a place of your own. Congratulations!

Chris, yep, they are paint. Cheaper and easier than the real thing, and realistic enough. It's a fun craft so I'm glad you're going to try it.

Emagineer, I'm all into dreaming and building without the men. I thank a lot of great women for the fact that we're liberated in this day and age -- at last. Those re really neat pictures. Please feel free to post to my gallery threads with your pretty pics any time.

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Oceanna, I was planning to turn in early tonight, but it did not happen.....thanks to your Cottage Inspiration Thread. Oh boy, did I find a lot of good things there.

Thank you so much.

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** If by "one of us" you mean "no silver spoon in mouth" you bet. Champagne taste on a beer budget. But you know, I'm used to being poor and I think I'm pretty good at it. It is an art, you know! **

Good morning Oceanna ~ That paragraph was great! Glad to have you in here inspiring us with photos. I've seen your photo lists in HD forum when I lurked over there.

Do hope you will visit here more often inspiring us who live in smaller homes.

Your lamp shade is a work of art and I love your stained glass windows. You are one talented lady.


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Moccasinlanding, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I put all the most pretty things in there, I think. I just love that thread and have enjoyed it many times myself. I find myself getting lost in the photos.

Hi Flowerlady6. Thanks for the kind words! The lampshade was very gratifying to do. Where else can you get away with such excesses in feminine frippery? The windows started with my bathroom window -- I didn't want the boys in the house across the way to see my boobs when I got out of the shower. I don't get paid enough for that ! But my bathroom is so tiny I felt if I hung curtains I'd feel entombed in there, like clawing for air. Besides, I liked my view from there. I just wanted to obscure the bottom few inches from view. So after wracking my brain, this was my solution. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

I figure we gals can do about anything we put our minds to and we do not need big budgets or huge homes to have pretty decor that makes people oooh and aaah and want to visit.

I am a perpetual decorator - lol.

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I did buy some stencils for raised patterns on the fireplace. Then decided that they wouldn't fit with my decor.

You are right about having to remove something like faux stone if ever moving. The inspiration photo just won't go away. But I really have too many projects to go the stone direction right now. Which is a good thing.

And for our male counterparts on the forum. You are the rare form when it comes to visualizing and understanding the major rambling we can get into. Hopefully you didn't take my comment as a bad thing and apologies if so.
It wasn't meant for of those silly oops things. Your input has straightened us out more than less on the projects "girls" get into.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

oceanna, I want to add my thanks. I'd seen some of your pics when I was looking for kitchen ideas, so I went back and checked out the others, including your own creations. You are very talented! Folks like you help make GW a great resource.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

You know I love window-seats--they have their own magic!!

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Hi there girl!!
I have SO been missing seeing you around...and all of your lovely pictures. I'm glad I came to visit today, and presto! there you were!!
Please don't disappear again!

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Oceanna, one thing I am doing these days is using my digital camera to snap images of magazine pictures and then send my magazines on to a neighbor.

I do not want to have a closet full of paper or stacks of mags either. And this way, if I really really like something, it can go in a file on my external Western Digital Ambassador harddrive, which holds 1T, or up to 1000 GIG of stuff. It is my really favorite computer device at this moment. It can go from one computer to another, no software required to connect and make it work. I can also use it as a backup, but instead I am choosing to use it as the prime location for 10 years of personal photographs. Even the scanned family pictures from my grandmother's albums. It is also the place I am stashing the "INSPIRATION" pictures.

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