Lettering w/paint on canvas

glojoNovember 28, 2005

Hello I want to make a few aprons out of canvas.

However I am having trouble trying to figure out how to make nice lettering, so it doesn't look too homemeade. I want this to be painted on, and also it would be helpful if it could be washed. Thanks for your help.

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You could print it out on your computer using a font you like, and stencil it. I have stenciled many quotes on walls, and have been very successful with that method. I usually print it out on cardstock and cut it with a utility knife or exacto. I leave the bridges until I get the words placed on the wall (using spray stencil adhesive), then gently cut them (the bridges) out while they are in place. It makes the lettering look very finished, and not really stenciled. Here is an example of lettering around the top of my kitchen. In this case, I went back with a liner brush and added some shadow, but it looked fine without it. The whole quote is "Good friends, fine wine, mellow music, and something with garlic."

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you for that suggestion, I'll give it a try on some scrap fabric to see how it turns out. BTW I love your stencil in your kitchen, very cool. Thanks for your help, Glojo

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Holy cow Sheryl, that's gorgeous!

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Glojo: If your going to try this on scrap fabric, make sure you iron the fabric onto some freezer wrap first to stabalize it. If not, it will shift all over the place when you try to cut it out.

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