Asymmetrical window placement, low ceiling, small room. Need help

angies66July 28, 2014

My room is 13' 5" x 13' 10" and the ceiling is only 7' 9". The west wall has two windows not centered on wall. Previously, I had wallpaper up and hubby made me a bed crown out of deep crown molding that ran the length of the bed. I had beautiful lace hung over plain drapes all around the bed crown. With the blackout shade over window, you couldn't even tell there was a window behind it. Then I had matching lace panels over the other three windows in the room. I grew tired of all that and now want a more modern look. I removed all the wallpaper and glue this past weekend (I love wallpaper but hate removing it so I'm never doing it again) and took down the bed crown. Now I'm ready to redecorate.
I'm stumped on how to deal with the asymmetric windows. I would like to do an iron canopy bed so I can hang curtains along the back of headboard to hide the window. Do you think ceilings are too low for a canopy bed? I would have to remove the ceiling fan to have a full canopy. I could put a wall mounted fan up but I'm not sure then what to about an overhead fixture. Any and all ideas are appreciated. Any thoughts on a half canopy or are they too outdated?
I'm going to try to post pics with this so you can have a visual.

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going to try to fix photos

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Testing photo 1

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No canopy bed.
You know, it's your home. You should really have what you want at the end of the day.
I personally am claustrophobic, and a canopy bed in that room with low ceilings would not work for me, but may for you.
Is there another wall you could put your bed on?
What about an Art piece? Right over the window?
You could even make your own piece, by buying a piece of art and having it mounted.
Just an idea.

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Testing photo 2

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Thanks for the reply butterfly. You know, we have 9 foot ceiling throughout on the main floor, why they didn't do 9 foot ceilings upstairs is a question I use to ask all the time. I am use to it after 10 years though. It was an Aladdin kit home built back in 1921 or 1922, so who knows what the people building it were thinking.
I like the idea of artwork, except that the iron bed frame my husband is building will not work with that idea. The headboard will be 58 inches off the floor at its highest point, so artwork above it would look too crowded. While I am use to the low ceilings, I am not sure if I could get use to a tall iron post at each corner of the foot of the bed. That's why I was thinking of maybe just a half canopy. That way there is no foot posts and I can still have a curtain across the head of the bed.
I'm really hoping all you lovely garden web decorators can help me out. I've seen ya'll do some beautiful things.If none of ya'll can, then I'll know just how jacked my room is, lol.
I'll post a link to my inspiration bed. The bed I have designed is close to the pottery barn "Aberdeen" bed, but not identical. I'll do all the paint and upholstery after my husband makes it. It will not be identical to the "Aberdeen" bed, but it will be close, and most likely with just a half canopy. Unless ya'll think that is a stupid idea????

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn inspiration bed

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Here's one idea

one more

and another

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Annie Deighnaugh

Not normally a fan, but in your case it could work...or at least worth a try...can you angle the bed into the corner so it is between the windows? Then you'd be able to get light from all of them. You can mount a corner shelf behind the bed to put lamps and such on to use instead of night stands....

Tropical Bedroom by Beverly Hills Interior Designers & Decorators Lori Gilder

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You could do shutters over the bed window that remain closed and a half shutter open on the corner window. I wouldn't try to hide it as much as use it as an architectural element.
But I do like the screen above.
Can you move the bed to another wall?

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I love canopy beds. Would something like this fit with the frame/ceiling fan? And then do the whole wall with drapes.

There's only a window left in this pic.

Shutters, but leave the window side open

art work

padded back

large artwork

Now, the fan may be more of an issue unless you go with a bed that doesn't have the canopy but just the four posters.

Or maybe even something like this

Or can you move the ceiling fan?

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Ahhh..the joys of fitting a modern bed in a vintage bedroom. I know them well. Fortunately my window next to the closet leaves enough room for our queen bed to go against the wall as long as it's not centered in the room. A king would be out of the question!

I would not do a canopy frame in such a small room. Not only is it too tall, it will act like a fence around a small patio and make the room and the bed feel smaller. Also, if your bed isn't centered in the room, it will work with the light fixture to highlight that fact.

Because the room is so small, I don't think you can use a screen behind the bed unless it is straight flat against the wall. Why loose valuable space at the foot of the bed?

I do think a screen would work flat against the wall. Or I would just so a curtain across the entire wall and your bed frame against that.

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I think there are plenty of small bedrooms with four poster beds that work. In fact, in some cases, the height of the posters or the curtains visually adds height to the room.

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

I think the half canopy in your husband's version of the style you linked to would be beautiful and solve the problem of the fan as well. With the curtains, your bed will be very similar to some the ones in nosoccermom's post.
Good luck!

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Olychick - I LOVE the screen idea! That is one I have not seen or thought of. I can't do it though, because the outlets behind the bed are needed for the mechanical beds, and like 1929spanish pointed out, I would loose valuable space at the foot of the bed. I still love the idea though, and will be looking to see if I can find a screen that I like, that would look good flat against the wall, maybe with cutouts for the outlets at the bottom.
Missy-I have never even thought about using shutters. I'm not sure if I would like them since I can't mount them on the inside of the window frame. They would have to be mounted on the casing, and I'm not sure about that. But I will consider it cause I am being open minded to any and all suggestions. Oh, and no I can't put the bed on another wall. I could put the bed on the north wall, but then the closet door on the east wall would always be bumping into the nightstand.
Annie, I tried putting our bed in the corner and it just didn't look right. My room is just to small for that. Good idea though.
Soccermom - I love all the pictures, thank you. I have seen several of them before. The ones with the curtains going across the back of the bed is what I think I am going to shoot for.

If I was doing beautiful custom drapes, then I would do them across the back wall. I am too cheap though, and I am a OCD clean freak, so I must have washable drapes. I am going to use cheap white cotton tie top drapes from pottery barn. I think those would look kind of cheesy going across the whole back wall. I plan on painting the walls a pale blue, or light gray, maybe a light blue green. Undecided on paint and such right now. Ideally, my room would be bigger and symmetric, but its not, so I must work with what I have and not let what I don't have drive me crazy.
Junco - I think I'm leaning towards the half canopy. Like you said, it solves more than one problem.

Thank you all for the ideas. I will definitely be trying a few things out.

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