My kitchen needs such an update .....

toomuchglassSeptember 3, 2007

This house was built in 1920 . I lived in a "shack" and my best friend sold me this house that she had lived in for 18 years. ( CHEAP ! ) Long & HAPPY story ...*smile* !

The design of this house is a space waster . My kitchen especially . Do you know of any way that I can get someone in here to look at it and not try and sell me a zillion dollars worth of improvements ? Who would I call ?

Right now -- I can't afford much .........(after plumbing problems & toilet problems ) IS there a website ? I don't suppose so . Have you got any tricks up your sleeve ?

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Do you have a Habit Restore store where you live (actually I just checked, you have 8). I volunteer there and we have contractors and handymen (women) who show up daily to shop. We also have many who volunteer services and I consider them really good people. Usually know them well, the store may be able to guide you to a couple.

Also, consider the options of buying from Restore, lots of new/used which can save you a ton of cash in fixing anything.

I suggest going there just to see what they have, a lot of it will surprise you and give some ideas. So many kitchens are being remodeled right now we have everything (full/complete kitchens), and half is brand new along or last years trend. Am amazed at the beautiful kitchens people are tearing out to keep up with trends.

We also get overruns, last years models from the big box stores (lighting, cabinets, counters, fixtures) for kitchens/baths and just recently discontinued brand name paint at $5 a gallon.

Go to the link below and enter your zip code. Then click on the nearest Habitat, then their Restore link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Restore

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Emagineer ~ Thank you so much for posting that link, I found a store in our area and I have a feeling we will be checking it out in the very near future. What a great idea. I never even heard about it at all before.


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Thank you so much for the link ,too ! I've never heard of it ....... I'm definately going there SOON ! A new toilet is next on our list ... LOL !

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Have fun and just a heads up though. Not all of the Restore stores are alike, they may be small or as big as an HD. Ours is huge and contains a ton of inventory, but the two others up north are much smaller. If the one near you is short of your expectations, check the other stores. And if they don't have what you want, go back in a few days. We don't know from one day to the next what will be delivered and the best will be sold within hours.

I started volunteering when mentioning to the cashier that every time I'd visit they would have new stuff or something would be gone the next. He said volunteer, you'll see all of it coming in. It is the best volunteer experience I have ever had and love working with all the people. The customers are great too, fun to hear about their ideas and remodels.

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I told my DH about this and he's anxious to go , too!
"The Hunt" is as much fun as scoring the bargain ! Thanks so much again for the info . I never knew something like this existed.

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Thanks emagineer--I love HFH and just donated a lot before we moved. They were very happy to have the stuff that I was happy to be rid of. Things I just didn't have room for any longer. If you have "gently" used items, please consider donating them to Habitat. I think they're the greatest. If you have furniture, they will pick it up--at least where we lived.

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Another good option is Ikea. Their quality compares with mid-range cabinets elsewhere and they've got a cool tool online to help you design your kitchen. You really can get a high end look for little money if you work smartly.

I used the tool to design my new kitchen and am purching the cabinets, sink and countertops in bits and pieces as I can afford them. I've done two sets of wall cabinets and hope to do one wall of base cabinets in the next few months. It's not the fastest or most practical way to do it, but it's working for me and I know I'll wind up with a great kitchen once it's all done.

There's an online community of people who are doing Ikea kitchens who are *really* helpful and will give you good advice on your plans. They're at

Good luck!


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Kathy, almost 3 years ago we redid our kitchen..had I known what I know now, I'd have gone with Ikea...If you look at my page, I think there is still a link attached to my kitchen before and afters..We didn't change where anything was really placed..just filled in some space with more cabinets and counter..

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We have 5 Restores in this area. Who knew? Thanks, emagineer.

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Thanks for the thanks. I really hope those who take the chance to try Restore will find great items. I have volunteered in many capacities, but this group is the greatest around and enjoy every minute of being there. We have a lot of retired engineers and Army guys, teachers and those who own the habitat houses volunteering. Once a week the Airforce Academy shows up with a couple dozen to help. Tis a busy place and I love the customers....their creativity, excitement about projects and found deals.

Yesterday we took in boxes and boxes from major hardware stores and a lighting company. Huge brand new chandeliers which wouldn't work in my smaller home....but beautiful iron and brushed nickle.

All goes to a good cause. I didn't know before becoming involved that the owners of these homes are required to add sweat equity and be qualified for a loan. They work as hard as the volunteers to own their homes.

Glad you guys found the ones nearby.

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