Love the skylight!

nwroseladySeptember 23, 2007

My small (approx. 1300 Sq ft) two-story house has three bedrooms and a very small bathroom on the second floor. The bathroom has no window, and I finally got tired of having to flip on a light every time I entered the bathroom. A couple of days ago I had a 10" Velux suntunnel installed in the bathroom. It is WONDERFUL! Now during the day the little room is so bright I automatically reach for the wall switch to turn off the light and then realize I don't have to.

I had a wonderful contractor who did the job, with a helper, for $178. As the sun tunnel cost $175 I got the whole job done for less than $400.

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Oh---------- that is great ! I was wondering how mauch that would cost !!! I think it's worth every penny !
Thanks for the info ! :)

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I'm planning to add 2 solartubes to our house at some point. It's not next on my list, but I did the research on it about a year ago. They're supposed to be easy to install for do-it-yourselfers, which we're not, so we'll be paying for installation too. They're not supposed to leak, like regular skylights can. I plan to get the dimmers in them, since the room we're planning to put them in has the tv. (They also come with electric lights for nighttime, but I don't think I want that.) I'm getting impatient just thinking about this! I hope you enjoy your wonderful sun tunnel!

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Congratulations! Sounds like a great deal to me!

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Excellent! We just moved into a house with some original mid-century skylights. There is a frosted tunnel skylight that runs across the top of the bathrooms and laundry room. I LOVE the light it lets through. These rooms are right in the middle of the house, but are so bright because of the skylight.

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Just some additional advice to those thinking of installing suntunnels. Do some comparison shopping, because there are several brands and the price differential is enormous. I compared two brands of 10" sun tunnels. One was over $100 more than the other, and the features were very similar.

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