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sportsmom24November 6, 2001

Being a rookie to making and painting wood projects- I need some help. My husband only has a scroll saw so he is limited to size. Basically he cuts out wood plaques for me , snowman and angels. The wood he first bought was pine and was too thick (about 3/4") Then he bought some thinner- but it is too thin. What type of wood should we use and thickness and where get? WE have a LOWES and HOME DEPOT near us


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I use mostly 1" pine, which is actually about 3/4", all the time. It really matters on the blade you have. I have found some reverse tooth blades by Olson that I love. I think the number is 455R. They are silver, precision ground and cut 1" thick wood with ease, and little sanding is needed. When you have the right blade, you should need very little sanding. I also use alot of MDF. It is available in a number of thicknesses. It cuts nicely but makes a lot of dust, make sure you wear a mask and safety glasses. It has a lot of glue and wears out the blades faster than wood. Hope this helps.

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I second the Olson blades - really good product. The thicknesses of the woods you mentioned shouldn't be a problem on a scroll saw. I too use a lot of 3/4" wood and as mentioned above it sounds like you need the right blades. I also prefer the reverse tooth blades but different thicknesses of wood require different blades. You shouldn't cut 3/4" wood with the same size blade you use to cut 1/4" wood.

I cut all thicknesses and types of wood including hardwoods and each type of wood requires a different blade.

As far as the wood itself goes 3/4" pine is the most used for small wood projects. Also, both Lowe's and Home Depot have a section in the back of their stores in the lumber area where they usually stash small cuts of different woods in different size sheets - perfect for smaller wood projects. You'll find small sheets/pieces of birch, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. in different sizes and thicknesses that are perfect for ornaments, clock faces and other small projects.

Good luck!

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Where do you buy these Olson blades?


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I order mine from Stockade in Canada, Home Hardware also has them, but again I am in Canada. I just broke my last one today...waaahh! I will be ordering more next week. Here I pay about $6 a package.

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I buy my wood at local lumber yard, seems to be better wood and most the time cheaper than home depot or lowes also they have scrapes that are pretty big that they give away. also if I pass a new house being built stop and ask alot of times they give you BIG scrapes cause they won't have to clean them up later.I buy my blades at lowes, walmart quit selling them and I too use 3/4 in. pine. I don't understand why it seems to be too big. I have even cut 3in. wood out w/ my scroll.

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Hi there! I use the reverse cut blade too. Off hand I cant remember where I ordered them from but will check around altho I think Sears had some. Anyhow, on the wood...Im a scavenger(I perfer to call it "wood recycler"). When houses are being built near me, I stop & pick up (with permission) pieces from the junk pile. You would be surprised at what ends up in the dump. We are talking everything from regular pine wood & plywood to partial sheets of highly finished wood used for cabinets etc. anywhere from 1/4" to 1". Depending on what I am making, my Delta scroll saw cuts everything & yes, its mine. Late husband bought it for a birthday present & I do better cuts on it than he did! Enjoy the wood!

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Hey folks--it depends on what type of scroll saw they have--our first one was a very small one and would only cut wood about 1/4 inch thick. Now I have a Delta and my husband has a Shopsmith--and we can cut anything. But before we couldn't! Blade choice does make a difference tho'.

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I get my wood, SPF, spruce-pine-fir, by the lift from the local mill. It costs $100 and works out to less than 22 cents a linear foot. The wood is mostly pine, 1 x 12 about 1-4 feet long. It is their end cuts.

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Can you get a wood called baltic birch or russian birch it is 1/2" thick and great. It is hard so might need a good blade. It comes in 5'x5' sheets and some places carry 4 x 8 but cost is so high. McCoys lumber yards sell this 5x5 sheet for $16.99. We use it all the time on our childrens furniture and have never had it to warp and it paints so well. Consider upgrading to a regular band saw also it is well worth the money you will save so much time cutting and can do so much more with them.

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