Now this is my idea of a country kitchen :)

lavender_lassSeptember 22, 2011

I found this kitchen today, while looking through images of country kitchens. I just love how big and spacious it is...and I keep thinking how great it would look to have something like this in our farmhouse! Just thought I'd share it will all of you :)

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](
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Yep. It sure is.
But be sure that all that vining plant material on the pot rack, in the window, on the stand beside the doors, is 100%

Then it'll be a REAL country kitchen.
I notice the wide boards of a wooden floor, and even some oriental rugs, a butcherblock-topped end on the island, which overall has the furniture look. The cabs are not really white, but seem painted and glazed.

I also love the garden window behind the sink, quite wide like a bay window. Room for flower pots. Only one set of upper cabs has glass fronts, but the uppers in general are all unique except for the finish.

When we redo our kitchen it will probably have the Bellawood floors prefinished and guaranteed for 100 years, in a light wood such as ash. Ours will not be a country kitchen, just a cottage style and it will be basically a galley style with only my favorite features added.

Can you see this in your house Lavender?

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ML- I usually like cream and blue with lots of plants, but this kitchen is so warm and cheerful. I like the baskets, the pot rack, the big window over the sink (lots of room for herbs) the carving on the little table by the island, and especially the space! It's so big :)

My farmhouse would not have such a big kitchen, unless I made the bedroom space into the kitchen and opened it up to the living room. That's not a bad idea (and I've considered it before) but what to do with the rest of the space? However, it does give me something to sketch out today.

Your kitchen sounds like it will be very inviting, well designed and if it's anything like your teahouse...charming! Do you have your dining room open to the kitchen? What about the living/sitting area?

I guess I'd like to have one huge kitchen (with an eating area and a sunny sitting area) and a big room for evening...watching TV, reading, conversation, etc. This picture does give me some ideas :)

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ML- I guess I've been collecting more yellow/cream than I thought. I still love the blue and green accents, with some wood tones...but there does seem to be a theme :)

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures]( From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures]( From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

And the accents...

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I love it LL! I'm glad you posted it as it reinforces my desire to have part wood grained and part painted cabinets in my redo.

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Marti- That will be pretty! What color do you want to paint the cabinets?

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Here is my idea of a country kitchen....
. .

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Lavender lass, that is one gorgeous kitchen!!!Yes! I can see that in your home. I can see a version of that one in my home! I'd be knocking down walls.....

I sure have been agonizing over the whole island thing, because I really need the cabinet storage one would give me. I'm thinking if I carefully proportion it I could make sure my kitchen table didn't get that detatched feeling I'm so worried about.

This is actually one kitchen where the stainless range doesn't look bad. I've always felt stainless appliances are cold looking, but it works in this kitchen. (The range I want costs $400 more to have paint rather than stainless). However, I like my white fridge. I'm starting to not care about matching things though because I like the RED range.

I hope you ladies keep finding these great photos to put up here. What inspirations!

Who is still looking for a good cabinet maker.

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i like the yellow cabs. lovely kit. i wouldn't want the vine - would get dusty. i'm too old for all of that anymore tho.

ml - I like a gallery kit. very efficient!

(fell and hurt arm so not posting much. sparse on words with 1 finger typing)

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Hi, Sandy!!! Wow, where have you been lately?
As for the stainless stove not looking bad in that country kitchen, I think it is because the stove/range is a gas unit and the grating over the burners is pretty massive and black, and it is like old cast iron stuff in the fireplace and on wood stoves. I think electric ranges are where the problem comes in with making it look nice in a country kitchen.

While I'm not much on a straight country look, I like the cottage look, and that is one reason the gas stainless steel Bertazzoni 24-inch range is the one I plan to get. I've loved it for a few years now, and have been talked out of some fantasy appliances before, but I think I will stand my ground on this one. Stir fry on a superhot burner, oh yeah. My wok and some cookies in the oven.

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Glad you all like the photo :)

Lazypup- That's a little too 'authentic' for me! LOL I think I'll stick with those little electricity and plumbing.

Sandy- I think ML is right about the range. Are you trying to fit in an island and a table? That's wonderful, if you have room for both. Do you have any plan we can see?

Steph- I hope your arm is okay! Galley kitchens are so efficient, especially if you're the main cook. I like an L-shape kitchen with an island, mainly because I want a little seating area on one end and the dining area on the other.

ML- I know what you mean...I kind of like a country/cottage look, with elements of both. I sometimes think I'm going to end up with a bit of Hobbit house influence, or at least fairy tale. Too much Snow White (the Disney movie) at a young age, maybe. My gardens seem to be influenced by that, too :)

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Lazy, that's more of a primitive kitchen which could be found in upscale homes in the city back in the day.

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