Where did you buy your Silgranit sink?

andreak100May 10, 2013

So, it's getting to be time for me to place my order for various items that aren't already residing at the house in wait of the new kitchen. I thought that there was a thread on here that mentioned where people bought their Silgranit sinks online, but I can't find it, so it's either a figment of my imagination or I'm just not Googling the right combo of words.

Anyway, if you bought your Silgranit sink online, where did you buy it?

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I don't recall where I got them, or if both were even from the same place. 8 months later, I wouldn't necessarily get them at the same place anyway. I would go search again, starting with Amazon.

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I bought mine from Amazon. It was a Warehouse Deal and I saved well over $100. Opened it as soon as it arrived and it was perfect.

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I ordered mine from the KD. Did I pay more? I am not sure, but it was easy and if I paid a little more, it was worth it for all of her help and patience.

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We got ours from Amazon too. Saved at least 100 bucks plus free shipping thanks to amazon prime. Love the sink!!

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I bought mine from the same place I bought my range, hood, refrigerator, micro wave, warming drawer, faucet, dishwasher... I figure if I spend all that money at one place, if anything goes wrong with anything, I at least have a good chance of them listening to me...

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I bought mine at a local plumbing supply store. My former GC sent me there to get a quote, but the saleswoman became irritated over the way the GC's plumber treated her so she passed his great insider pricing on to me when I became our GC. I planned on buying online, although I do get a sense of relief knowing I have a B&M store to go to should I ever have an issue with my sinks.

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My only advise is to check to see if the sink you want is in stock before you order it. I had problems with my online sink order because it wasn't in stock and the date kept moving until I cancelled the order and picked a different sink (still Silgranit) that was in stock. I ordered from Home Perfect. Price was great but it was not worth the hassle.

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Got mine from Overstockdeals.com (note it's not overstock.dom). It arrived cracked, and I didn't notice until practically 3 months later when we went to install it. It was way past their return policy. I was clearly in the wrong. But anyhow, they took it back no questions asked, and sent a new one the same day! I was so pleased. Now having said how pleased I was, there are "verified" online dealers of Silgranit sinks listed on their website. If you have issues, you may be better to deal with one of the verified dealers. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Authorized online Blanco retailers

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I bought mine through homeandstone.com

I did a gardenweb search of this topic and people seemed consistently happy with Home and Stone for silgranit sinks. I also chose them because they are listed on the list linked above.

My sinks arrived very well packaged and in perfect condition (I bought 3).

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Cindy Noll

I got mine from the granite installer. The price was within $20 of what it was online & I didn't have to worry about breakage.

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Faucet Direct is consistently good.

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We bought ours from kitchen/bath/plumbing supply store that our contractor has account with (also purchased our Cambria through them as well and they coordinated the sinks and countertop delivery and installation). I felt the same as breezygirl: if there was a problem/defect with the sink, I wanted to have a relationship with someone who could help me. I checked the prices on Amazon and although we may have saved $100, we felt it was a small price to pay for piece of mind considering the total cost of the project.

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Amazon. The best price by far when I bought mine and I know their return policy is awesome.

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I also bought mine from a granite installer, although I top mounted it onto Wilsonart HD. I shopped around locally, and prices varied as much as $225 for my model. I would have saved only $40 online so it really wasn't worth the hassle.

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We're far from kitchen plumbing showrooms, except for a local, smaller-scale Lowe's. A new sink and faucet *were* our remodel (along with new plumbing to the sink), so we had no general contractor or kitchen designer.

Faucet Direct had among the lowest price and sold both items we wanted, which arrived intact and have been problem-free since. At the time (fall 2010), I didn't know of the existence of Blanco authorized online dealers. Today I'd probably go with one of them.

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Just ordered mine through home depot. I think they are cheaper on Amazon but I like that I could just return it easily if there is a problem. Haven't received it yet.

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I ordered mine from Amazon. My KD had the color samples but could not even come close to Amazon's price. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very well packed.

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I shopped around locally and found a Silganit supplier that was 15% cheaper than Amazon or HD. Most of the other local suppliers were the same price as Amazon, except for a few that were way more expensive.

I wanted to buy local because it would be easier for me to deal with in case of cracks or a need to return.

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I would suggest buying locally. E purchased through the plumbing store where we got all of the other plumbing fixtures. It was a good thing because it was broken in all four corners when I opened it. It was much easier to return to the store instead of shipping back since it is so heavy!

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