need paint help[

DebNovember 6, 2001

would like to know what kind of paint to use on a stool/ would like to paint one blue, wine or red, and green then rough up the paint a little. tried it with regular paint and it had a gloss to it. not like the antiqued look i was after. seen them in many books but dont know the right paint. thanks a lot

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Any matte finish acrylic paint should work. Paint 2 coats of the base colour so that when you sand you don't go down to the wood, unless that is what you want.

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To give it an antique look, splatter paint on with a toothbrush after the design is completed. It looks good to use both a light color & also a dark color. Then rub with a brown paper bag to give it a smooth finish-you'll be surprised! You can rub harder in spots and around the edge to remove some paint to give an aged look.

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