The weeks are flying by.....

mom2emallMarch 11, 2010

Well we are almost at the 3 week mark. Bm moved back for "her babies" last month. Saw them and took pictures to prove it. But now she has gone almost 3 weeks without even a call! For some reason that song that goes....I see your true colors shining ringing in my head! Please everyone make a wish for me that bm stays out of our lives and moves away (if she has not already!!)

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but but but... the rest of the song goes...

and that's why I love you... so don't be let them show... you're true colors, are beautiful, like a rainbow...

oh well. I understand :) I think I just dated myself!

((((big hugs))))

And wishes for a drama-free life!

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Well it was only the one phrase that was ringing in my head! The rest of the song does not apply to her! LOL

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LOL. I'm just teasing ;)

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I knew you were silver!

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evil BM...let's pray she is gone for good because her comings and goings are just too disturbing. do children ever ask to call her or ask to see their siblings?

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The kids never ask to call bm or their siblings. They do not really even know their siblings, really I could count on one hand how many times they have spent with the younger ones. The oldest of the three siblings bm has they saw maybe a few more times than the younger ones.

The girls will complain that bm has not called, but never ask to call bm. And with the way bm acts I do not encourage them to call because I know bm is going to keep letting them down so why bother encouraging them to be let down? My ss does not have any real connection with bm except for the fact she gave birth to him. He does not ask about her, really does not want to see her, and does not really know her.

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well in this case it is better for her to never come back. unfortunately because her parents probably push her, she keeps coming back and messing kids lives

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"took pictures to prove it"

LMAO~ reminds me of coming across my SD's BM facebook & myspace accounts... she 'stole' pictures of SD that DH & I posted on our pages, taken at special events like SD's birthday party & the holidays... then posted them on her page as if she took them. Her friends must think she's a very involved mother! too funny! and sad at the same time!

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IMA that is kind of sad!! My friend had a neighbor do the same thing. My friends son became friends with a neighborhood boy. The boy would come over all the time (starting at age 5 or 6) and his mother would never be home (dad and mom were divorced). The boys older brother (12) would be the one home to "watch him" as the mother was out at bars, etc. And since this is a legal babysitting age child services will not do anything.

Anyways my friend took pity on this boy and he has become almost like a part of their family. Eats dinners at their home, went on vacations with them, sleepsover most weekends. Has attended holiday parties with them. Anyways my friend always posts pics on facebook of everything and is friends with the boys mom on facebook (even though she really dislikes her). The boys mom copied all the pics of her son and posted them on her page. We thought the same thing....that the moms friends/relatives must think she is a wonderful parent. If they only knew that all the pictures were taken by a neighbor!

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As for my skids bm I really do think that the pics she took and sent with sd's cell phone were her proof of seeing the kids to get her own parents off her back. Now she can go on pretending she is being a mom to them. Heck maybe she will even invent family outtings like she did before (like when she told her own parents that she took the kids to the waterpark when she had not seen them in months!).

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