miniature paintings

kennebunkerNovember 15, 2006

I thought some might like to see 2 dollhouse sized paintings I just finished.

After weeks, nay months, of having to put back mini projects because I kept finding things that HAD to be done, or other people foisting them upon me, I set time aside today to finish the two paintings I started yesterday.

I left the swags drapped over the dining room chairs, the jabots are still hanging splayed on the windows. The hardwood floor in the living room is still only half clean, cleaning paraphanelia laying about.

I told DH that since he insisted on coming home from his trip 2 days early he was going to have to sup on microwaved chicken fillets from Walmart (which are actually pretty good).

Anyhow, I did finish 2 paintings, done in acrylics on basswood panels. Pictures are posted on my website

Here is a link that might be useful: link to my mini paintings

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Amazing!! Very impressive. Do you use a magnifier to do those? ~Anj

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just beautiful!! i love miniatures! great job.

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Those are awesome paintings. You must have a lot of patients. Do you do a lot of these kinds of paintings?

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Kennebunker, there you are! Been missing you around here. You must have the steadiest hands of anyone to paint so beautifully on something that small! Luvs

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Hey, Kennebunker, I posted a message for you on the conversations side. Had seen a website that you might enjoy. Take a look when you get time. Luvs

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Thank you, everyone.
You know what the hardest thing was? Signing my name in the bottom corner. I've got a super, super fine brush for that kind of work, but the paint has to be of a perfect consistency. Too wet and it runs all over, too dry and you get another kind of mess, then my hand starts to shake, cause the whole thing is done and I could ruin it with a blotch.
Anj, when it comes to this sort of stuff, being extremely nearsighted is a blessing. I take off my glasses, and as long as stuff is within 8 or 9 inches of my nose, I see great!

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Kennebunker: As Shirley Temple once said in a movie "Oh, my goodness!" I love your tiny paintings and peeked at Miss Frobisher's cottage. I am BLOWN AWAY!! BANG BANG!! So beautiful. I'm going back to see what else you've done. Thank you for sharing your treasures!

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MY! what patience you have. I love to paint but wouldn't think of trying something so small. Thank you for sharing. Jlily

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