Decorating on a dime ...

toomuchglassSeptember 14, 2007

Like the TV show ..... I do the same thing !!!

It gives me so much satisfaction when I can decorate for only a few bucks. I go to rummage sales - look on Craig's list ... I've gotten so many bargains this year ! I got a perfectly good washer AND dryer for $45 . My latest & best buy was a $20 toilet at a rummage sale .It's like new & perfect ! HOORAY !!! ( LOL ) For me -- the key to living in a small house is finding wasted spaces that can be used. Shelves ... shelves with drawers ... 2 tier shelves ... I have a 3" leftover space between my dishwasher & the wall ... I made it into a cabinet for cookie sheets. I don't waste space !!

How do you decorate on a dime ( and still be usefull ? )

*smile* !!!

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I've been planning on building a folding table for my laundry area and just saw one advertised at Big LOts for $15. It is 36" X 24, can hang it on the door. Trying to find one even a foot less in size was around $60. Even if I built one, the drop down hinges alone would cost more than $15.

So, I do go to BL and check on their stuff when an ad shows up with an item of interest (auto emails). Although the store has gotten more expensive for less than more as once was.

A couple of weeks ago I went back to a store to find additonal curtains already bought and they no longer carried them. Wandering around BL, there they were, at 1/3 what I'd originally paid for them. The place can make me nuts with all the mess and many times I walk out without buying anything....but sometimes they do have a bargain hidden.

Problem with finding this stuff is I always wonder if I should buy more than one, just in case, since the cost is so low. There have been many times I should have bought more when finding the item was well worth it, other uses or loved and wear it out. Like a pair of jeans that is worn 80% of the time. Guess that is the ole' sale issue...get a great price to save money and then buy more than planned which means I really didn't save money, just spent more and then have to find room which isn't there in our smaller home.

In reality, unless I see something out of the blue, my shopping and garage sale hopping went away long ago. Too many things were coming home with me. So I'm not a bargain shopper per se unless something jumps in front of me and it is an item needed. I do hate buying full price though and lean towards sales. And I've mentioned Habitat stores before favorite for remodeling. But volunteer there, so the jump in front of me happens rather than shopping.

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I found a little five-arm chandelier at a garage sale for $8. Not liking the brass finish, I sprayed it flat black to imitate wrought iron and it looks great. The finish of one of my bathroom sinks suddenly started flaking, so I was delighted to find the same size sink at a garage sale for $5. I'm planning to replace the faucets before I install it, so for now it's still sitting in the garage. Maybe the Habitat store will have a faucet and handle set I like....

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I found a brand new Kohler toliet, bidet with fixtures and a faucet all still in the box for under 200.00 at a yard sale. We priced the set online at over 1400 dollars.
I love rummage sales.

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makes us feel like good stewards when we get decorate our castles on a dime... and love it and feel achievement!! i know i do

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I wish I had some great decorating secrets to share with you, but if you're on a budget you already know to check out the thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist. Estate sales are wonderful for furniture - you may pay slightly more than garage sale prices, but it's usually higher end stuff, and there is often delivery available.

Like emagineer, it is easy to overdose on all those secondhand 'bargains' you've brought home. Be really picky and hold out for exactly what you want. I made the mistake of trying to furnish my house all at once. I ended up hating half the stuff I bought - so that's no bargain.

Probably the best and cheapest decorating resource is the Home Decoration forum here! What a lot of talented, friendly people. I have learned soooo much there, from the basics of painting to different furniture styles - it's a real education.

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Ebay. :)

I do better on ebay than I do with yard sales, probably mainly because I don't do any impulse buying on ebay. I have time to research features, prices, dimensions, alternatives, and to think about them carefully. *Most* things I consider, I end up not bidding on...but when I decide something is right, then I decide what it's worth to me and only bid once.

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Although we spent way more than the aforementioned 'dime', we feel the way we furnished our house was a good investment. Rather than buying new furniture, much of which is particleboard, and all of which depreciates like crazy, we went to antique auctions for months. Since we didn't have a TV, this was our entertainment as well! We studied antiques, and learned what was a good deal. When our son was born, a cheap chest of drawers (particleboard!) was $225. We bought a solid oak dresser with a beveled mirror for $110 instead. At most auctions, there are occasional steals. So- now we have a house full of antiques, all of which are worth more now, and continue to appreciate in value. Of course- you either like antiques, or you don't!

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greenleaffaerie If you're not familiar with the site, sign up! This is where people who tire of their stuff decide to give it away rather than take the time to sell it at a tag sale, or just bring it to the landfill. In the last two years, I've planted about $1200 worth of plants in my garden, gotten two aquariums, a foosball table for my stepson, given away and received books, got rid of my husband's old bachelor sofa, and much more. It's an invaluable source for everything you might need. And it's all free.

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flgar, you have the right idea. That's what I intend to do for my new house. I love antiques and my new house is suited for them. I can't get over how much less expensive a beautiful antigue dresser or chest of drawer is compared to the new overpriced junk sold in stores.

I just purchased a dresser to convert into a vanity for my guest bath. I most probably paid a little too much for it, but the owner of the store brought it back to life by rapairing any blemishes and restoring it. That is invaluable to me since I don't have the time or skill to do such things. All in all it didn't cost me anymore than a traditional vanity would have. Actually it was less. I won't have photo's until he delivers it next week. I'm so excited!!

As far as bargain shopping I've never been one to go out to a "sale." Those usually cause me more stress and do not save me money. When I come across something on sale or fall into a bargain, I've very happy though. I do try to pay what an item is worth and not just pay for the store it's being purchased from. I'm always amazed to see the price difference in identical items and people will pay the high price. I guess that's when you have money and don't have to worry about such things. Unfortunately everytime someone pays too much money for an item it keeps the over priced retailers in business and causes prices to increase overall.

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