Really Early or Just Late

pezabelleNovember 5, 2010

Finished these before the Be Witching hour, but didn't get pictures until they are really early for next year or late for this year! Again, sorry for the camera quality.


This is a remake of one I did last year, only bigger and maybe better. I can see that I need to go back and take out some of the fog!!!

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Early or late they are both great!! Don't touch that haunted scene! I think it's awesome with all the spooky fog! They both look perfect as usual Claudia! Great job!

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Your blocks turned out great, I know you have been working on them for some time. I like them up on the "pedestal", I should have taken the time to do that with mine!

Don't touch that picture! It is wonderful and the fog is just great! Gosh, there are so many details in that one, did it take a long time to paint?

I'm sure both of these projects were a great addition to your Halloween decor.


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TY you both!

DH made the blocks, I didn't want to bother him with circle bases so I opted for blocks. It was a fun project.

The picture didn't actually take very long, I just stretched it out over about a month. Is is 15 1/2" X 19 1/2" and waiting for a new frame. DH made a very rustic blue/grey frames but it was to light in color and the frames needs to be more substancial. The hardest part was the pumpkins with faces, as you dry brushed the colors and the roclon didn't dry brush very well, to much tooth.


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Belle, darling set of blocks. I love all the little eyes and spiders. Really like the black with orange accents. Perfect for Halloween.

Now for your picture! It's so cool and love all the details in it. We have had alot of fog here lately and I don't think you need to remove any of it. It's suppose to be a haunted scene and you captured it perfectly. That is such a neat picture, I see why you wanted to paint another one.


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