10 inch rough in designer toilet

kiana-2010September 10, 2010

I am looking for a designer, not plain, 10 inch rough in toilet. The rest of the house has the Kohler Devonshire style toilets. I am looking for one in a style similar to this. It's a remodel so 10 inch is what was there before, otherwise, I would have chosen 12 inch.

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The problem is that 10" ones are 'old' style, and increasingly hard to find at all - are you anywhere near a junk or recycling place (store, not municipal garbage) that might have some that are in one piece and just need cleaning up?

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LOL I had to Google to see what a 10" rough in designer toilet even was. Gee DOH I guess I am so sheltered. Still not sure what the 10 inch means. I was thinking you were meaning one of those oval toilets that look like a hat box sitting on the floor. I think they are kind of neat. Look easy to clean.

Good luck hope you find what you are looking for. Many showed up on my Google search.


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10" is the measurement from the back wall to the centre of the bottom of the toilet.

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Thanks Larke. Clears it up for me. Who knew??


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Kiana, we had the same problem and had to settle for an American Standard Cadet 3 AND it was not cheap. Over on the bathroom forum someone advised that it might be better to move the pipe to a standard rough in (12? or 14? inch).

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