decorative art - liliums

luthienNovember 9, 2008


just wanted to share this project of mine. i posted this on my blog earlier today so i thought i'll post it here as well :) the pattern was initially for a tray but i thought it might look nice on a milk tin as well :) this was the first time i learnt how to dry brush.

enjoy and have a creative week ahead :)

Here is a link that might be useful: just my arty-crafty-DIY-homedecor blog :)

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Lilies are one of my favorites and yours looks great on the tin. Simply elegant. I dry brush on quite a few of my projects for a different look. Your fruit looks good enough to eat. Wow So happy to have you here posting with us. I am going to go post on the gallery so come on over for a look.

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Gorgeous! Hard to believe you haven't taken classes for years! You do an excellent job. So how long did it take you to paint this? Luvs

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thank you ladies :D
definitely will go into gallery phonegirl, i often go in there to browse :)

took me just over a week luvs... but i didn't varnish it until 2 weeks later because i wasn't sure if i wanted to add anything more to it :DDD i did actually... i added the funny blue-grey area on the neck much later. initially it was just plain blue :)

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Wow your flowers are so perfect. Every little detail just pops. It's beautiful. =) ~Anj

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thank you anj :) muah :o

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