Our small house just got smaller

wi-sailorgirlSeptember 13, 2010

The major part of the tear-off happened today, so I ran out during lunch to see how it was progressing. Rather astonishing to see our 1.5-story (temporarily) turned into a ranch!

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oh no! did they give you a 'roof' for the lower rooms?

pray it doesn't rain!

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WOW Eyes WIDE OPEN!!! Hope you were able to save the 1938 board.LOL

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Oh my! I think I would have cried if I saw that happening to my house, even if it was planned.

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OMG, that is IMPRESSIVE!!!!
And you returned to work and actually FUNCTIONED after seeing that?

My mind is boggled. :))))

Let the fun begin.......

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I got in, snapped a few pictures and got out. Between that and the trashing that the back yard is taking I didn't really want to see it! I'm pretty sure that building officially starts today so that will be a good thing.

I had to run over there last night to pick up some clothes (we're staying at a family cottage not far away) and it was so strange pulling up to the house and seeing sky where before I was seeing house.

They had it all tarped with the most enormous tarp and the weather is looking good until about Thursday when we have a chance for rain. With any luck they'll at least have it somewhat closed up by then.

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Again WOW. did you have to pack up the lower part of your house too?

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The kitchen, which is below the area that is now a one-story, is intact save for the pantry which we had to clear out for them to remove an abandoned chimney and put in a support post. The two other rooms, also in the now one-story area, the bathroom and a bedroom (which we don't use as a bedroom) are also intact.

The living room, which is under the existing roof, well, we SHOULD have moved everything out of there. We didn't realize how much they would need to plastic everything off in there so all the furniture (which I covered with sheets) is piled up. We do need to get it out of there at some point, but we were waiting for an enclosed work trailer to become available so we could stick all the furniture in there and not have to rent a POD or something similar. Once they get the new area roughed in and shingled, they will remove the ceiling in the living room to shore up the rafters. The roof was sagging in that part of the house because the structure was underbuilt. I didn't really want to deal with the mess of that but we figured as long as we're doing this much, this is the time to just make it right.

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What are you putting in its place? A two story? I know someone who is thinking about possibly doing something like this...(if you don't mind my asking) is it more or less expensive than a new addition?

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lavender lass:
Here's the house the way it was a couple weeks ago:

And here are the plans:

It's basically just making the existing second story higher with a shed dormer to create more usable space up there.

A lot of people say that it's less expensive to add on OUT instead of UP, but because we live in a coastal zoning/floodplain area, adding on really wasn't an option for us. Also, I didn't want to mess with the character of the house.

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