Wooden holiday luminaries? How to paint?

kim0201November 18, 2006

During an after Christmas sale years ago, I bought several of the small wooden boxes w/ a cutout on the side of a holiday symbol (santa/tree/etc). I think of these as luminaries perhaps. They are approx 3-4 inches on each side & maybe 8-10 inches tall. If I remember correctly, they may have a twist of wire over the top open almost like a handle. Does anyone have these & if so, how did you choose to decorate them? Was wondering about just a single color over all or some other way of decorating. Thanks so much for any creative thoughts you can send my way.

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I think they would make beautiful luminaries Kim. Is there an opening to put in one of those battery operated tealights? If not, could you drill a hole in the bottom of them and then using a string of the small Xmas lights, put one bulb in each one and use them in an Xmas village setting? Hard to describe my idea without a pic of them. Can you post a pic?


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Hi Kim, and welcome to the painting forum. Glad you came by.

I think I know what you are talking about--wooden box with a star, tree, heart, etc. shape cut out of the front and they were originally meant to put a glass votive inside. I had/have (where is that thing now?) a couple like that. One was just stained wood, and the other was painted a country blue.

For an updated idea, I think Craftylady is right on track. They would work well for this year's hot trend of using the electric candles and greenery.

You might look at Oddie's posts on the Crafts forum to see how she is filling her baskets with greenery, gingerbread men, fake cinnabons, etc.

As for colors, they would look good in solid colors, or you could paint a plaid design on them even--I think that could be cute. Just select colors to go with your decor or holiday colors.

Have fun with them, and please post pics for us here. We love before and after pics especially.

Please come join in here with us often. There are some very talented and special ladies here.


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Thanks so much Luvs & Sal for your response. I'll definitely try to put on a photo w/i the next day or so. But for not having seen the items, I think you both did a great job of giving me some inspiration. I'll stay in touch. Thanks again!

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To Luvs & Sal and anyone else willing to give me suggestions...

I've posted a photo on the gallery of the luminaries I mentioned. The photo includes two other items for which I'd appreciate painting suggestions if you have any.

Thank you so much in advance for taking a second to send me your thoughts. I hope you & your families had a bountiful Thanksgiving!

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