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pegtnNovember 8, 2010

I'm looking for something different to paint on a cake cover. I've seen alot painted with roses, but I want something different. Don't get me wrong, I like roses, lol but my friend wants me to paint one for her, and she is just not the "roses" type. What else would look good on those old metal cake covers?

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What kinds of things does she like Peg? I like anything primitive or Americana. I have people in my family who like anything woodsy or with animals, another friend likes cabin type themed items. I have a beekeeper neighbor who likes bee or beehive items. My SIL is a frog collector. My brother likes nautical type things. I guess you could try to figure out something she likes and just go with that. Or just paint different types of cakes on it??? You could really do just about anything.

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Thanks Anjabee, those are great ideas. She has alot of cabin theme items in her house, so that would work out great. I had never thought about it , but you could do just about anything on those covers and it would look fine. Black bears around the sides, and pinecones, and pine branches on the top. You have inspired me, thank you.

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That sounds like it will be great Peg. Hope you'll share pics when you get it done! =)

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