Min clearance around island - Q? when to put appliances?

thedorkMay 13, 2013

I need your advice and expertise.

I have min clearance between fridge ( CD ) and island 3'-3 1/2 and island and range 3'-2.

I know I have to install the appliances when the counter tops are done but I am afraid we won't have enough space to move them.

Fridge is 32'' wide ( CD )

Width 31 1/8"
Depth - including handle 28 3/4"

and range is:

25 1/8

Should I put the fridge and range first and then install island and counter tops or you think I'll be OK with that clearance.

The fabricators are very good so I am sure they'll be careful not to scratch them.

Thank you!

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I would want to make Sure you could get them in and out With the countertops in place. What happens if something needs to be serviced or replaced? I would want the island countertop set in place but not glued down to make sure, and then install everything permanently.

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Sophie Wheeler

You have to have room to pull things in and out for maintenance and service. If you don't, then your island is too big and needs to be smaller.

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I'd discuss this with your GC or installation crew; after all they are the ones who'll be doing the installation (appliances) and may have other suggestions or concerns you should be aware of.

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Thank you all! The island is small - 3x4 so I 'll see how I can plan things

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Imagine that your kitchen is done but you need to replace each appliance. Imagine the route it would take to be pulled out and taken out of the kitchen, out of the kitchen, then the new appliance would come in.

We made sure that there was route for each appliance to take with enough clearance.

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