exterior paint for furniture

betsyfNovember 16, 2001

I've just finished painting a bookcase using exterior black paint in a low luster finish. The problem is that the paint feels kind of waxy when I rub my hand across the dried piece. It's been dry for over a week but still has that waxy feel to it. I guess I'll have to varnish over it but was wondering why the exterior paint does not have that smooth feel to it like interior paint.

Also, I'm going to use gold Rub'n'Buff on the edges of the bookcase. Should I put the gold on before or after the varnish? Thanks.

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If the furniture piece will have 'hands' on or around it all of the time I think I would put the Rub 'n Buff on then varnish.
I'm curious to know what exterior paint you used? I've done furniture with exterior paint and have not experienced the problem you mentioned.

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The paint I used is: Benjamin Moore's exterior Moorgard Low Luster fortified acrylic house paint in black. All I can think of is that since it is exterior paint, it has to withstand extreme temperature changes and has to have lots of "give" to it to prevent cracking and peeling. Maybe it's that quality that makes it feel so waxy on furniture. I'm considering taking a chair into the paint store where I purchased the paint and asking for their opinion. It was a premixed color right off the shelf.

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