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pezabelleNovember 24, 2010

I am sure most of you know this, but I just stumbled on it. I use grey palette paper and you can remove dried paint from the waxed side and reuse it over and over. Really simple: Use a damp paper towel and gently nudge the dried paint, it will come loose and leave nothing behind. Large globs can be removed with a finger nail.

Sure saves on the cost of purchasing more palette paper and I just love saving money on things like this so I can buy more brushes and patterns and paints, etc., etc., etc.


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I have just started painting classes and I use palette paper. I didn't even think of cleaning it and re-using it. Thank you so much for the tip.

Happy Holidays!


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Belle, that is a great discovery you made. I no longer buy palette paper--just use a paper plate or recycle/reuse the trays meat comes on. Luvs

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I have painted for several years and never noticed gray palette paper! I suppose using oil paint and a hard palette is part of it; like Luvs I have used other for acrylic, mainly those plastic lids that come on containers of cool whip, etc. The paint peels off of them also for a few uses.

Next time I get out of town I check out that palette!

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It is hard to find grey paper which is actually much better because it is a neutral color. You get a true look at the color you are using. Ex: putting a light color on white will lessen the value of the paint and putting a dark color on white will make it pop more. And I like it better than plates because I can blend better on it for shading. But I do use plates when doing base coating. And by cleaning it you virtually never have to replace it.


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I often times use freezer paper - it is the same as the palettes we buy but cheaper. You do have to cut and sometimes tape to your table. I have used glass many times but since my ears are very sensitive to the sound the brush makes when brushed against the meat trays or styro plates, I don't generally use them.

When I want a wet palette because I don't want my paints to dry out I use a piece of deli paper (found at Sam's, Walmart, etc) over 2 wet thick paper towels. This will keep my acrylic paint wet as long as I keep the paper towels underneath wet. The deli paper is so cheap, you just throw away when you are finished. But I can use my acrylic paints for several days.

I rarely use grey paper - don't know why but I may have to try it. Good tip!

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Bebe...thanks for the tip about the deli paper. I have a wet palette container but again the paper isn't cheap, although it too can be washed but not all of the color is removed. I do use butcher paper on my painting table, but I put the paper side up and the waxed down. About once a year I tape down 5 or 6 layers of paper and as they become dirty with paint I rip one off and have a clean area. I also write notes to myself on the paper...silly me!


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Hi all..a grey palette works especially well when using white or a real light color, you can actually see your values for floating or you can see how thin your paint is for linework. If you use freezer paper or a wax palette, you can slip a piece of black construction paper- or even paint a piece of cardboard black and place it under your first sheet, it greys down the color. The red/blue plastic plates work well too. if you have ever taken from Maureen McNaughton, she uses a good faux chamois under her wet palette & her paper isn't waxy. But, I think paint is pretty cheap and works best when fresh unless your mixing a particular color. I have had many students whose paint gets watered down from a wet palette, or use the paper side of a wax palette which dries out paint. We all have our own techniques, so if it works for you, keep painting no matter what!

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