Sneak peek--Backsplash to match Heidihausfrau!

cathy725May 8, 2013

Since I saw Heidi's backsplash and it is almost identical to mine (I posted a shot in her thread) I thought I'd post in my own thread.

We're still dealing with renovations--they have a few things to do to finish kitchen and they are now working on my master bath. I'm getting so tired of renovations, but I know I'll love it all in the end. I'm also weary of making decisions and then thinking I'm finished choosing things only to have something out of stock or the GC recommend something different.

OK, enough whining, here's my backsplash!

I give credit to DH who finally chose the backsplash. It also solved the problem where he wanted to add the 4" granite backsplash because it turned out that wasn't included in the price, so I could have my backsplash without the granite--which I was having to fight everyone over. Everyone is now happy and agrees that I was right!

Hopefully I will be as happy with my master bath tile decisions! We'll see.

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Love it! Soooo pretty! At least you won the fight for the cool hood! I lost and got the otr micro. Can't win em' all!

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It's gorgeous. Congrats!

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And congrats on winning the 4"-er fight: it would have been awful, but is now spectacular! Sometimes it's just worth holding out.

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Beautiful. It looks great with your counter tops but we do need more pictures!

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I'm waiting for the rest of my outlet covers before I post more pics!

Heidi--the hood was non-negotiable! We had a otr microwave and I couldn't even boil water without setting off the smoke alarm in the entry hall. I wanted a hood with power that was also quiet (my microwave was so loud and didn't move much air).

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Love the backsplash...glad you kept fighting against the 4"backsplash.

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Ooooh! I love it!! Can you please share the specs on the backsplash?

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I have to comment on the 4" granite battle. I didn't want it (obviously). GC brought it up and DH wanted it. I finally won the battle (took at least 1+ week of convincing and some cost difference before DH agreed).

Granite fabricator (owner of shop) came in today to measure for granite bath vanities. He admired the backsplash and said "see I told you it would look better without the granite backsplash" to the GC. Ha! I can't figure out why GC was pushing that so hard--it wasn't going to make him any extra money. I think he and DH were just stuck with the picture that "everyone" does a 4" granite backsplash.

Anyway--on to the backsplash material. It is honed travertine. I got it at the tile shop in town. Even got it on sale! I'll post the link of the actual tile. I sealed it and it is working out well. I sprayed water on it to test it and the water just beaded up beautifully on the surface.

Here is a link that might be useful: Claros Silver honed corinth

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