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mama goose_gw zn6OHSeptember 23, 2010

I know there are several GW members who like the idea of unfitted kitchens--I found a really interesting blog about a farm-cottage kitchen built with salvaged finds.

If you have any unusual kitchen pics or blog links, feel free to post them. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: continental calliope unfitted kitchen

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Great....now I will be on the net forever. Even the links are wonderful.

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'Unfitted' kitchen. That's definitely what we have and I love it.

Thanks for the link, nice blog and her kitchen is great.


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I briefly looked through and love her kitchen. Will go back for sure when I have more time. Thanks Mama-goose !!

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Mama goose- Great link! She has done a wonderful kitchen with all the different unfitted pieces. I love those upper cabinets with the beadboard backs :)

I wish there were more choices (and affordable ones, at that) when it came to appliances. I do not like stainless steel (too many years working in restaurants, while going to school) and I'd love to find a vintage looking range that was new. The idea of having all the ovens and warming drawers really appeals to me, especially the upper oven for baking cookies!

Having separate ranges and ovens takes up so much space and in this remodel, there is only so much room, especially if we take down a few walls to open up the kitchen to the dining area. Maybe someone will decide that older style ranges were a better design...keeping my fingers crossed, while I save up money for a vintage range! LOL

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