Gift ideas?

anjabeeNovember 3, 2006

Luvs did the jiffypops recently and got me thinking of little gifts that I can give my neighbors this year. We usually don't do anything expensive.

I thought of an idea the other day that I may do. You know those little galvanized pails you can get at craft stores and even the hardware store? I was thinking of painting a cute snowman scene on them and filling them with popcorn balls (snowballs?). What do you think of that?

Or I've seen new paint buckets painted and filled with snowmelt for those of you that live in snowy areas.

Anybody else got any fun painted gift ideas to share.

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Those are really great gift ideas.

I have a sister who is learning to paint with me. She has really limited her supplies so I purchased one of those galvanized buckets and have been adding supplies to it. All pertaining to painting and she can paint the design on the bucket too once she empties it. How's that?

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Anj, I love the bucket with the popcorn snowballs Idea--sounds really cute! Don't know about snowmelt--none here in So. Calif. ;o)

Violet, your sister will love a bucket full of painting supplies! It takes awhile to accumulate all the neat brushes and assorted paints. Nice idea.

My Jiffypop containers seemed to go over well. Thought I might do a few for Christmas for a group of friends I meet for lunch every couple of months--but now I kind of like Anj's idea better.

I've also painted flowerpots and put seed packets, gloves and small gardening tools in them--that seems better for Spring or Summer tho.

I've also thought about painting on soaps and then wrapping it with a pretty washcloth in clear paper with a pretty ribbon tied on.

I've already done the same idea with candles and candleholders from Big Lots one year.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


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