Is this paint safe for babies?

aka_peggyNovember 19, 2003


I posted this on the craft forum but haven't had an answer. Hopefully someone here will know.

I'm in the process of painting an old toodler-size rocking chair for my grandaughter who's due next month. I happen to have the perfect color on hand. It's a Red Devil acrylic latex enamel.

I'm concerned that she may "teethe" on the chair, which already has lots of teeth marks from the previous owner.

Is the Red Devil safe to use? If not, what type of paint would be safe?


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I just know in 1978 they stopped using lead base paint. I don't know about anything else. Look at the manufacturer's name, address, phone etc. and try to contact them and find out. Let us know.

I like this forum, I see not too many people seem to use this forum. I hope it picks up. Don't you?

I enjoy painting acrylic and flowers especially. I have painted a lot of ornaments this Christmas.
Good luck on your paint search. Grama

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Hi Grama,
That's a great idea, thanks a lot.

I've never been to this forum before till today. I'm usually over on the gardning forums but I'm learning my way around THS and posted on "buying and selling a home" last year when we sold a rental house.

I do enjoy painting and I'm always looking for something I can smear some paint on.

I love gardenweb and freak out when my ISP is down, Lol. That only happens when we get a bad storm or high winds.

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Hi again,
I just spoke to a representative at Red Devil and he said that the paint is non-toxic. He went on to say that I if the child were to actually "eat" the paint, he couldn't make any promises. That sounds reasonable to me and can be said about many things that a child might inadvertantly chew on.

Thanks for the advice!

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