Fall Candle Holder

pezabelleNovember 30, 2010

Finished this and DGS returned the camera with loads of palm trees still on the memory card! Silly Boy!

This was fun and I tried Patricia Rawlinson's way of splattering, she uses a loaded rake filbert or just a filbert and taps it against another brush handle. Your can really control where the splatter goes and how much you add.

The amber glass looks good live, but not in the picture.


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I love your fall candle holder. You do beautiful work.

Happy Holidays!

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Your candle holder is wonderful! Looks like alot of cute details on it. The amber candle holders look good and bring out the color of the sunflowers.

Now what will you be working on? So glad you got this project finished and was able to share with us.


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How did I miss seeing this before? It is so cute, that design is perfect for it and the amber candle holders are just perfect.

I like that method of speckling or splatering too, Belle. Much more control than flicking a toothbrush and not so messy on my fingers either! LOL

I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even started any Winter/Christmas projects yet. Have lots of patterns earmarked in my books/mags but just haven't started on anything yet. Better get with the program, huh?


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Mine went to the land of the lost posts again. I really love this. Your painting is always so soft yet so crisp at the same time. I'll have to try that way of splattering. The toothbrush often over spatters it for my taste. Great Job Claudia! So did you buy this candle holder or did you make it yourself??

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Thank you all for your kind comments!!!!

DH went to work with his magic saw and hammer and made 3 of them.

Over the last year or so I have had a real problem with my floats, I try to rush things and don't wait for the follow up colors to deepen the floats...my bad!

I am really late in starting my annual orney's, so I am doing only the 20 that needs to be shipped and then I will go back and finish the rest. So mega hours at the desk!


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Beautiful candle holder Belle! Thanks for the splattering tip. I haven't been on here in a while. It's fun to see what everyone's been up to. Have some fall projects I haven't completed - haven't even thought about any Christmas projects this year.

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