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pezabelleNovember 3, 2010

Sorry to say but these two publication are going to be combined with other crafts into one magazine. Feb '11 is scheduled to be the last release of Paining Magazine and I don't know when the last issue of Q & E will be or has been published.

The new publications is scheduled for release in Jan., of '11

All subscription will transfer over to the new magazine with no refunds whatsoever. Guess this shows the lack of interest in decorative painting as well as the costs to the publisher, or maybe the economy is catching up to everyones buying power.


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I've been a lurker, reading the posts for a while, but as a decorative painter and former decorative painting teacher, I have to say that I'm saddened by this news but not that surprised. Just today, we stopped at a local Bob Evans for breakfast and I noticed that the small area they had had near the cash register in the past had been filled with homey looking crafts - even though they were wholesale types of crafts. Now, not a craft of any kind in sight. There were Bob Evans salad dressings and food items along with candy, but no wood or resin painted items.

I've been painting since the mid '80s and I've been fortunate to have friends who opened a small craft shop in the next state where I can sell my work. Local crafts shows around the area have dwindled and dwindled to where it's hard to find a good one to participate in. Buyers as well have dwindled. And this has been going on for a good 10 years. All the small, local shops where I loved to buy patterns, paints, and unfinished wood from have closed up. I used to teach at one such shop and then when it closed, I taught out of my home for a while. I'm finding it harder and harder to buy the paint colors that I need and good brushes locally, so I mail order now. The local Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and local chain Pat Catans seem to keep shrinking their painting supplies departments.

Fortunately, I can travel several hours to Columbus, Ohio to attend a painter's convention in August, but even there things are not what they were. There used to be at least double the amount of booths that there are now, and I worry that every year, I will find out that the convention has been permanently canceled. I spend a lot of money at the convention, bringing home wood, pattern packets, and painting books to last me until the following August, when I can go again.

I look forward to reading everyone posts about the demise of these two painting magazines. I'm sure that everyone has their favorites but I loved Quick and Easy Painting. I haven't felt this bad since Country Marketplace disappeared and the old Better Homes and Gardens painting magazine, which I had had a subscription to at the time, quit publishing.


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Well at least there is still going to be a magazine! I just hope they will continue to have lots of painting patterns and not a bunch of other stuff like jewelry and scrapbooking! Gosh, I hate to hear this. I subscribe to both and haven't received any notification so far--maybe it will be in my next issue.

I was just at a craft show today, and there were still quite a few painted items, lots of yard signs and a few plaques and cutouts. I guess those of us who love painting had better get busy and try to get some of the younger gals interested! I think the younger gals think of painting as "country" and they want contemporary things. However, both Painting and Q&E always had some nice patterns using colors that were very contemporary I think.

I loved the 80's and early 90's when there were all those local stores like Linlily mentioned. So fun to go in and see project samples and be able to get supplies and talk to other painters. I was so sad when they were all closing. Our Michael's and Joanne's don't carry many books and they keep the old ones forever and seldom get any new ones. Thank goodness there are still places to order online--but I don't find that nearly as exciting as holding a new book in my hot little hands and flipping through it with anticipation! LOL


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Linda...Thank You for your post and don't lurk so much. I enjoyed reading your post and a view from a teacher and painter.

I agree!! I have never attended a convention, but from what I have read on ToleFriends, etc., the trend is smaller and smaller sales floors.

I was upset most by the end of Q & E! But, I have noticed that much of what they were printing is really Q & E, base coats with no details, but like Luvs have shown us before, you take a pattern and make it your own. I just need to open my mind and be more creative!!! : I

I also take Painting, but is leaves me with a real "lacking" feeling, wishing I could take classes with some of the artists so that I can nail down their techniques, like painting leaves and birds and flowers and....and...well you get the idea.

Our only craft store is Michaels and they have not had books for years and less and less paints, but still some good brushes. Most of my buying is online, and from artists websites. Hate paying the shipping but it is better than nothing at all and you are paying for shipping in the stores...only they don't list it on the price tag.

Can hardly wait until Jan., to see the "new" release, like Luvs I hope it have more painting than anything else, but I also wonder if other magazines are being discontinued to merge with this new one.


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according to the press release there will not be 'other' crafts incorporated into the new Paintworks magazine, it will be ALL painting, and still called Paintworks. They are also combining Crafts & Things with other craft mags so maybe that's why you thought...

Here is the press release:

Quick & Easy Painting ��" Press Release
All American Crafts Publishing, Inc. wants you to be among the first to know our plans to incorporate Quick & Easy Painting magazine into PaintWorks magazine. The newly reformatted PaintWorks will be greatly enhanced��"with even MORE features and MORE painting projects!

We are certain that you will feel comfortable with Quick & Easy Painting's new home. While making new designer friends, you'll still enjoy the creations of familiar favorites, and yes, youâÂÂll still receive the popular Christmas Ornament issue!

In fact, youâÂÂll now receive MORE issues and BIGGER issues. Not only will PaintWorks come to you EIGHT times a year (this includes the annual Christmas Ornament issue), but we've added MORE pages to each issue!

As a Quick & Easy Painting magazine subscriber, what do you need to do? Nothing! WeâÂÂll transfer all remaining issues in your Quick & Easy Painting subscription to your new PaintWorks subscription.

What if youâÂÂre already a subscriber to PaintWorks magazine? WeâÂÂll extend your PaintWorks subscription by the number of Quick & Easy Painting issues you're owed.

DonâÂÂt miss a single issue.

If your Quick & Easy Painting subscription is expiring ��" please start your new Paintworks subscription here ��"

All of us in our expanded magazine family look forward to providing you the best decorative painting periodical available anywhere��"PaintWorks!

If you have any questions please email

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KF....after reading your post I went back to my TF forum and reread most of the posts there and I think we are talking about two different publishers. My error was, I didn't wait for clarification on Q & E...which your post cleared up. Thank You!

All American Crafts publish "Q & E" and "PaintWorks" and are combining both into one.

Amos publishes "Painting Magazine" as well as the other craft magazines and are combining 4 or 5 into one. Whew!

Talk about confusion!!!


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Well, since I subscribe to Quick and Easy, now I'll feel like I'm getting a "twofer", so that doesn't sound too bad since I sometimes purchase Paintworks at the grocery store when I see a couple cute designs I think I might be able to do. And that will be neat to get more issues--wonder what the renewal cost when be when my current subscription runs out?

As for Painting Magazine, I subscribe to that one too, so will have to see how that turns out. My biggest fear is that the prices will get too high like allot of the other magazines now.

Kraftymom, thanks for the additional information. Looking forward to my next issues arrival!


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I've been able to buy Q&E from my local Walmart on and off...they usually carry them around the different holidays and I can get Painting thru my local library. I've always liked Paintworks because they have pages on how to do certain techniques and tips. I just hope they'll have it somewhere I can buy it. I like to look thru it first to see if there is something I want to paint before buying, but if not I may have to subscribe again. Thanks for keeping us informed and stop that lurking. ;) We don't bite....hard. =)
Luvs~ We had quite a few of those shops with bins of wood cutouts, classes (they would display everyone's different takes on the same project on a top shelf from the classes), books, paints and brushes galore. Seems like all the fabric stores have downsized or gone now too. A lot of the Walmarts don't even carry material any more. Is it the buy buy buy new mentality of this upcoming generation? I have a lot of people tell me they wish they could paint when they see my things, but they think it is way too hard and time consuming. I wish they could see that it's's just fun! I'm going to have classes in my back yard for my kids and my mom this summer to teach them all how easy it is. ha ~Anj

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Amos Craft Publishing did combine Painting, The Cross Stitcher, Pack-O-Fun and Craft 'n Things. However out of 130 pages in the new Craft 'n Things there were only 12 pages devoted to painting. I am very disappointed. I called for a refund of my subscription and was told I had to accept their new magazine or cancel my subscription. I argued with them and they did offer me "back issues" of Painting magazine. I was a subscriber since 1995. Not a very good way to treat a loyal subscriber. Craft 'n Things has been around for a long time and there was a reason I did not subscribe to it. There was never anything that I was interested in.

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I have heard the same comments from member of Tole Friends. Not one comment was favorable, several called the publisher and got the same answer as you....they are donating their copies to their library's.

I haven't gotten mine yet and I have three years to go on my subscription (local school subscription fund rising project)so I don't know what I will do with mine as I generally do not do crafts anymore.


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Another disgruntled customer here. I too was a long time subscriber to Painting and was VERY unhappy with the publication I recently received and about how the company handled pre-paid subscriptions. I called and was given the same story about refunds. I also wrote a letter and of course haven't heard a word.
In both my phone call and my letter I stated that...

1)as a long time paying subscriber I have never experienced such terrible customer service.

2)My hard earned money was for a painting magazine, not a general crafts magazine with a few painting projects thrown in.

3)I find it outrageous that I am forced to pay for trash to line my recycle bin, and

4)if anyone ever asks me, I will steer them clear of anything this company publishes.

I think it is just awful how we all have been treated. I am just thankful I have barely a year left on my subscription.

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Back again now that I've received issues of both of the new combined magazines. I am so disappointed too.

I had never subscribed to Paintworks because most of their projects were more advanced than my painting skills. I did buy it once in awhile if I saw a cute pattern or two I liked. I loved Q&E and Painting though.

I got the new Crafts'n things first. There were two very simple painting on jars projects that I thought were sort of cute, but nothing to get excited about! Not much else in it I was interested in, won't be renewing it for sure.

Then my issue of Paintworks arrived and I got a little bit excited because it was pretty thick--I just knew there must be some fun projects in there for me! NOT! I liked the sweet little bunny on page 28 but not sure I could paint him well enough to even look like the picture, and I liked the birds on page 104--but have lots of other patterns very similar. Not one thing got me excited! My subscription is up August 11 and I won't be paying the $59 to renew it! I may watch the newstands and pick up a copy now and then if I see something in it I like.

Hopefully, those of you who do the more realistic painting liked the offerings better.

I am so sad to lose my magazines. I always loved it when they arrived in the mail! Now I guess I'll just have to get busy and do some of the projects I have earmarked in my older issues! LOL

How did the rest of you feel when you saw the new magazines?


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I still have not gotten my issue's yet....darn! But I understand that most are for oils or transitions and very few acrylics.

I have thought of changing to or adding oils, but the expense for all of the tubes of paint and then the new brushes, and learning new brush strokes....don't think it will happen.

All of the comments I have read about the change is the same, they are canceling now or are not going to renew. Guess most of us will either recycle books or buy online.


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I was one that always prefered PaintWorks over Q&E so I am still happy with that magazine and it's transition.

" I have thought of changing to or adding oils, but the expense for all of the tubes of paint and then the new brushes, and learning new brush strokes....don't think it will happen."

I started many years ago painting with oils and transitioned to acrylics, I won't ever go back. I taught myself over the years to use acrylics for projects listed in oils. The mediums for acrylics and new acrylic paints have cone a long way over the years and make it very easy. Oils are generally done wet-on-wet and the same technique can be easily done with acrylics. And with the right medium or the HD paints from Plaid you can also get the added dimension you get from oils.

Sherry Nelson is one of my favorite wildlife artists and she usually works in oils. I own several of her books and have always used acrylics for her projects. Bob Ross is another one. Most people like him or can't stand him but watching him years ago doing oils got me to experiment with my acrylics wet-on-wet. It expanded my horizons so I could get to the Sherry Nelson stage and beyond. Acrylic mediums are wonderful and when used you can get your acrylics to do wonderful things.

Remember....Painting is not about making an exact copy of the project you're using as a springboard but having fun with it and making it your own.

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