Over the door Santa

paintingfoolNovember 10, 2007

I needed a gift for our auction today, had this hanging around in my studio so decided to paint it. It is an old pattern from Tole World.

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WOOOOOOW !! that is sooooo super fantastic !!!
I just adore it !!! You did an outstanding Job!
Thank you for sharing !
Your talent is amazing - keep up the wonderful work!
* * * * *Happy * * * * * * Holidays * * * * * **!!!!

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Wow,i love that!! I havn't painted anything for awhile and probably won't get any done before xmas either.

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This is absolutely beautiful! I have been around for a long time but just look and enjoy all the projects these talented people paint. Your santa's are bringing me out of lurkdom lol. Do you sell on the internet or ebay? Kim

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OMG paintingfool what a beautiful job you do painting! santa looks so real,like susiesunshine said your talent is amazing! bet they did well at the auction with your gift, and what a nice thing to do!

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Thanks yall. I haven't sold on the internet - haven't figured out how but hope to get a website soon.

We had a lot of nice things at the auction - but it was a very small auction, not as many people attended as we had hoped but still my Santa sold for the most. And the lady that got it really wanted it so I am happy.

My ornament - a flamingo on a white ornament - sold right away for $15. The lady who bought it has Lou Gehrigs disease and I don't think anyone wanted to bid against her because she said she really wanted it. But I was pleased with that too. No matter what it went for, the profits went to the chapter so it didn't matter.

You all are so good for the ego!

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Hey Bebe~ don't know how I missed this one. :) Sure is pretty and as always your santa man has such a darling face. Glad you did well at the auction, but I'm not surprised in the least! ~Anj

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Just gorgeous as always! It sounded like you were saying you needed it that day and just "whipped" this up--OMG! You are amazing. Glad you enjoyed the auction and that your items went to ladies who really appreciate them. Luvs

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