Updated Info on Decora and Medallion

cookie23May 23, 2013


I am deep into researching different lines of cabinets.

Looking for white, maple painted with a Shaker Style Door, all plywood construction.

Have quotes for Kitchen Aid, Kemper and Decora, and all are coming in around the same price. Another kitchen designer is suggesting Medallion over Decora.

Saw Decora at Home Depot as well as an independent kitchen center. All of the sales and promotions at Home Depot are making them very attractive.

I am just wondering if anyone has recent experience with either Decora or Medallion. Trying to decide if one is higher quality than the other. Thought Decora was more high end then Medallion, but kitchen designer selling both is steering me away from Decora which surprised me.


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We recently renovated our kitchen and we found that by combining the various offers from Home Depot we were able to get the Decora cabinets for a very good price. We have had them installed for about 6 months and we love them. They are solid wood, the finish is beautiful, the doors and frames arrived defect free; except for one corner cabinet that had a gouge on the inside frame. We called our HD rep and we had a replacement cabinet within a week. My brother works in construction and has installed a lot of cabinets, he thought that they beautiful cabinets as well.

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Thanks for info bluetea57! Do you mind me asking what type of wood/color you went with?

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I chose Medallion because I wanted a shaker inset style cab and they seemed to be the most affordable. I have the Divinity White painted on Maple and a stained chestnut island. We are still in the middle of our build so our kitchen is far from finished. As of now we are very happy with the Medallion quality. construction and design.

I don't know much about Decora.

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Thanks for posting the photo. Very helpful as we are thinking of white, Shaker inset doors as well. Love the configuration of your cabinets!

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Cookie23 and Laura517 --
Am just stating a kitchen remodel and am looking at both of these brands. Can either of you update the post again? Would love to have an idea on pricing. I understand that trying to price a kitchen based on a "per lineal foot" of cabinetry is not a true measure because there are too many variables but I'd still love hear about your experience. I have no clue what we might be looking at but especially loved one of the Decora styles.

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