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BlazeNovember 15, 2001

I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the post. I have over 100 bottles of craft paint and want to store them in something functional. Any suggestions other than paying $70 for something that holds 60 bottles? Figured I could make something on the idea of a footed picture frame and use something with holes as recepticles on the inside. I have been to Home Depot and looked at chicken wire - no go. I have tried looking at those white grates but none have suitable openings. I have even looked at chain link fences and latticework at the suggestion of some employees at go. Can any of your creative minds lend a hand?

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I've got over 200 bottles stored at the back of my work table and all I did was attach a long narrow shelve to the wall the width of the bottle from front to back with 2 side pieces of side wood to keep the bottles from rolling off. It is not divided in anyway. I just stack the bottles on their sides and write the names on the lids for ID. Now you would think if I pulled a few bottles out of the stack they'd come falling down. But amazingly enough, I have so many bottles of paint stacked on top of each other it sort of forms a beehive so when I pull a few bottles out to use, the weight of all the other bottles against each other holds everything in place and none ever come tumbling down. In fact the hole where I pulled the bottle out stays open so I just slip the paint bottle back in when I'm through with it. It's works great and it didn't cost me anything because I just used wood scraps I had laying around.

To give you an idea, the shelve would be like a 3 sided frame with the top piece off - just a bottom and 2 sides (I had to make it that way as not to interfere with my hanging tools). If you had a wide enough frame from front to back you could probably mount it on the wall and do the same thing.

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My DH made me a set of shelves that sits at the back of my painting table against the wall.It It is free standing with three shelves that are 4in.deep and as high as the bottles, it holds about 100 bottles standing up.I could also lay them down if I wanted.I keep all the same colors together, reds on one,blue on another,etc.It could be made any length you want I plan to add another one as I keep buying more It would be easy to put together with just a saw and hammer.

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I have a floor to ceiling shelf unit. My husband made it and it has 15 shelves. Besides all the different kinds of
paint, it also holds many baby jars full of beads and other small things. Like Kraftymom, my bottles are laying down but instead of the lids facing out, mine have the bottoms facing out and so the colors are there to see. Mine are stacked on several shelves, 3 rows of paint to each shelf.I have over 300 of the reg paint bottles and many types of jars and tubes and anything that I see on sale.

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FlamingO in AR

Another thing you can do to make it easier to find the color you want, is to put a fingerprint of paint on the top of each bottle. This has helped me a lot! Why I waited 12 years to do it, I don't know!

I keep all my paints on one shelf in a 5 shelf metal unit that I made a fabric cover for, and keep the ones I use most frequently, about 25, in an old sewing table drawer next to my work table. Then I just pull what I need for a project, and keep all my others hidden away, because I don't like clutter, and to me, 200 bottles of paint looks cluttery, no matter how tidy they are.

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Hi FlamingO,I also have a metal shelving unit for my books and other supplies.What kind of fabric cover did you make for yours? I'd also be interested to hear how others store their supplies,books,etc.

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I use a four drawer plastic unit on wheels, two of them, they fit under my painting table. the top drawers are used for tracing paper, palette paper, small stuff and the two bottom drawers are big enough to stand up the bottles with the color written on the lid. With 4 drawers I have room to sort by color, red& blue, green, brown and pink. a separate unit was added for varnish, stains and other types of paint. Since these fit under the table I am unable to stack stuff on the floor. If the drawer unit is too tall just leave off the wheels. Sounds like there are lots of good ways to store paint and other supplies.

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Thanks for all your suggestions! Some of these are simpler solutions to what I was thinking of -- and it will work. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I went to Crafts Canada on the day they just happened to be getting rid of their old Delta paint racks. I picked up 2 for $10, they old over 100 bottles of paint. I also picked up the book racks that they use, for $1.00, kicking myself for not buying more.

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I have the perfect paint bottle storage racks that hang on the wall. I bought colored grates at Sam's that are put together as cubicles. Depending on how many bottles of paint you want to store, you can build a nice rack using these wire grates. I took a 1 x 3 and routed a groove just inside each edge of board and slid the racks down inside these grooves. Then added top and bottom pieces and some pegboard for backing. I have over 600 bottles of paint and desperately needed a storage unit that worked for that many bottles of paint. I think the wire rack units are around 15 dollars at Sams. You can make alot of storage for paints out of one package. I made mine using 3 racks per unit. These hang side by side on my wall and I have them sorted into like colors and also brands. You are basically building a frame around these wire racks. How many...that's up to you. Hope this is not confusing and maybe some of you can use this idea. I wouldn't recommend that you use more than 4 racks per unit, because that paint is pretty heavy.

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Blaze, I make the paint racks like dh71840 is talking about above. If you are interested email me and I can send you a picture with cost. I make one that holds 80 bottles and one that holds 360

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I would like to email you about the paint bottle rack but don't know your address.
Email me.
Mary Sue

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DeeDee: I'm interested. Can you send me your email address? Thanks! or email me at

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email for paint rack is

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